Underground England

Beanie, Tote Bag, Sweater & Boots - Underground England
Fishnet Ringnet Tights - Skoot Apparel
Leash Jean(removed the pink leash) - The Ragged Priest similar here

Back to London I had a shooting for Underground, mentioned that in my previous post already. Here is one of the looks with my favorite shots. The first two pictures were taken in a side street with loads of sex shops and stuff. The lights there got the perfect mood for some rad pics! On the second shot we were in the vegan froyo shop Yorica that I planned to go before already. It's only two minutes away from the Underground showroom so right around the corner. 
Among the clothing from Underground I'm wearing my Ragged Priest Leash Jean. It normally comes with a pink leash on the left knee like you can see in this look but I cut it off on that day for the shooting and honestly, I think I prefer it like this! Or maybe it is because of the fishnets underneath. Even if I see them everywhere now. It's like people wear it like a second skin :D 

Hugs and Kisses again to Underground for showing me around Soho and capturing the moments in these wonderful pictures! Can't wait to see you again!! ♥


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  4. Oh my gosh! I love how you styled the jeans with the fishnet tights! I know it's a trend that's everywhere, but it just looks so good! I also love how you left the jeans plane without the lash, it looks good with lash but I feel like without it, it just looks really edgy! The images are stunning as always and I am so proud of you collaborating with a brand that is Underground Shoes <3
    Kinga xx