Smile and the world smiles with you, cry and you cry alone.

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Smile and the world smiles with you, cry and you cry alone. Literally one of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite movies. If you haven't seen Oldboy(2003) yet, do it!! I love everything about it. Especially Yoo Ji-tae, crushing on him so bad :D

This character I jumped into has nothing to to with the movie but I had to think about that quote when I looked at the last picture. Someone on my Instagram was asking me if this character has a name and who it might represents. It reminded him of a mix of Pippi Longstockings and Wednesday Addams with a touch of Joplin. I find it very interesting to read what other people have in mind since I never plan my looks, just create them straight from my feelings and mind. Looking at it afterwards I can definitely see the Pippi Longstockings part! Mixed with a touch of Peter Pan since it's a very crazy and kind of kinky personality always craving for adventures ♥ What do you personally see in this person? By the way, I'm not wearing contacts in here! I was surprised that someone thinks that way :'D ♥


  1. Your hair and makeup look so cool. You have beautiful eyes!

  2. I'm sorry to bother. •.• - I also commented on your London Edge experience , but you didn't reply; but I understand that for multiple reasons, and I don't blame you or am not mad at you or anything, I still find you as amazing as always. No matter what you wear, not wear. No matter what colour you wear, not wear. Your beautiful Soul shines through everything. - I don't know how to explain what I see in this 'persona', but it's something magical/mystical and Fantastic! You look very nice, and you're very good at making yourself these 'other' beings, but they're still You. - Always do the things that you enjoy doing (unfortunately, sometimes there are moments when you have 'no choice' to do something you don't like), give yourself enough rest, be proud of yourself every day (no matter how productive, not productive you were etc.), always be You and don't pretend to be anyone else because You are beautiful and not 'Everyone' is. <- I hope you know these things, and don't forget them. Idk why I wrote it down, you probably know it, etc... but just if you have a day when you feel 'less' you can always read this (and your other comments from other people) which maybe helps by making you feel better. - Of course Idk if this comment makes you feel better, but I hope it does. Or at least it makes you smile and not cry. I hope you're doing magnificent. & also that you had a nice night/sleep. Have a very pretty day.

    1. You don't bother me at all dear. I have read your last comment on my London Trip post but totally forgot to reply since, you know, I love to write long answers rather than just giving a few words back. Or better said, I didn't forget it but haven't found the time to answer. Everything is so busy right now and I really try ma hardest to stay in touch with everyone.
      I love your comments the most. You actually care not only about the pictures but what I write down from my mind. You also know me so well even if you don't know me, it's strange but so wonderful. Thank you for each comment you leave on here. You always remind me to take rest and not to overwork since this is what I do too often.
      I love you beautiful creature ♥ I hope you are doing fine and much love and strength to you precious being ♥ Have a wonderful day!(Btw I had a great night but really strange dreams :D not bad though :))

    2. I really don't blame you that you didn't reply. I didn't mean to rush/push you even more. The important thing is that you've read it, I don't need replies. But thank you that you do take your time to reply as much as possible{!}. - Of course I care about what you write down, what you think, what you feel... I care about You! I just understand you, I can relate to your way of thinking etc. [I guess]. -- I'm glad I can be a reminder for you, that means a lot to me. Please don't overwork, I understand the 'need', but it's more important for you to rest{!}. --- Ah, thank you so much. I really wish I can meet you one day because as I said before, I really care about you & I saw '@wioleth-s' Youtube Blog about LondonEdge (and you were also in it for a couple of seconds) and I was like: 'Oh, aah, how nice! Those people can actually be with her and talk to her etc... I hope that I'll also talk to her once, irl.' ---- as long as it's not bad, it's good. But if it's bad or if there's something, you can always talk to me (on IG: @_dreaming.universe_ or Kik?) because I'm always there for you. <3

  3. I find this look so funny and I think this person is like another version of you! I see like she is your colorful side and someone who have a very explosive personality. I liked so much this makeup and how you focused it to make a character <3
    Instagram: @veronicamgx

  4. I love the colorful freckles on you!!! And the wig and the entire look is just pure perfection, I love how you've explained the character, it reminded me first of alternative version of Pippi Longstockings. It's amazing how you're always trying to branch out and be different characters and they are different yet there's always a ig part of your beautiful soul in these <3
    You look stunning like always <3
    Kinga xx

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