GEO Princess Mimi Bambi Series & Princess Pinky Gemini Series Lens Review

Looking at my lens collection I have to say that I already own quite a lot of them! Most of these are from Pinky Paradise. My latest addition are from a new collection, the Princess Pinky Gemini Series which is divided in Day and Night. Day is more for a realistic look and night for a wild one! I think all of these line are very natural. I picked the Grey Night Lenses.

Additional I want to review one pair from the Bambi Series which came with my last pack of lenses. I already own the Sesame Grey ones which I have reviewed in this post. This time I went for the Apple Green Version. I have to admit that I totally forgot about them strangely! They came along with two other lenses: 

The Venus Eye Aqua Lenses which you can below in a finished look

and the EOS Dolly Eye Grey Lenses below which I'll style in another future look

This time these both arrived along with super cute animal lens cases, pig and elephant :) 

Your lenses either come in a little bottle or in another small package which is way easier to open. If you struggle to open the bottles you can see and read about my guide here.

Note that I'm not wearing any makeup in the pictures below. I wanted to keep it natural in this review so you don't get distracted from the surrounding. I will add and link my future looks where I wear any of these lenses later.

Color and Design: 3/5 They are very light in color, have no dark circle and only some black dots in the center. They make your eyes looking quite pale and light. It is very important to combine these with a fitting look and good makeup. Otherwise they can look really strange, a bit like a frog :D But I love how natural they are and they are not like usual lenses :) 

Enlargement: 1/5 No enlargement at all but these aren't made to make your eyes bigger since these are for a more natural look.

Comfort: 3/5 As such, they are very comfortable. The only thing that I have noticed is that they make your surrounding lighter, like if you wear white lenses, just not that strong. So they change your view a bit but not like you get blind or something. You also get used to it after wearing them for a while.

Overall Opinion: 3/5 These lenses are very different to my other ones. I'm used to enlarging lenses and I love the doll-like effect of them. But if you want a natural look these are a great alternative :) 

Color and Design: 4/5 I love how the green color harmonizes with my blue eyes since you can still see a little bit of it in the center. The black circle gives it the last finish! 

Enlargement: 4/5 Very strong to me again like we know it from that series. The black thick circle around makes your eyes huge!

Comfort: 4/5 They are quite similar, or like the same to the Sesame Grey which I have reviewed before since the only difference is the color. They are not the most comfortable lenses allover since they have a wider diameter but you can definitely wear them for a couple of hours or for an event without any problems.

Overall Opinion: 4/5 I love the dramatic and intense look of these lenses. The green will be the perfect element for future looks. They look "too much" for looks without any makeup so it's important to put on some dark around your eyes!

I hope you like this review. Let me know if you want to see more of this or if you are not really interested into stuff like that. I know that most people prefer end results, like finished looks without any closeups of the lenses in detail. But to me it's nice to see the design and everything.


  1. I don't 'often' comment on posts like this.. because it's a 'less' personal story, but I just 'had' to say.. You are so unbelievably beautiful. Yeah, okay, I only see one half of your face, but still! You are beautiful with make-up, with your looks, but YOU are beautiful without it {as well}.
    And this is only a review, but you have a really good 'sense' on how to write interesting etc. And I agree with you about seeing the design and details because it's a review about lenses, and it has to be as raw as possible because otherwise the focus goes onto something other than the lenses.

    I'm sorry that this comment is not really 'important'.
    I hope that you're doing okay!

    And I replied to your last reply, and I asked if we could talk on Dm (IG) or maybe something else (like Kik), so that it's easier to keep in touch? But I understand that you wouldn't want that. And I know you're busy, but then I could be there for you from a little 'closer'. x

    1. I'm really thankful for your comment especially knowing that it's interesting to you without the personal story in it. But I guess, the story in here is right in my eyes.
      Thank you so much for your sweet words once again. You don't know how much you and your words mean to me, it's like pure gold. And you keep an important reflection up in my head which I'm loosing through the pressure I put on myself while working. Your feedback is everything, and so your vibes which I highly feel here again.
      I'm not using Kik anymore since years already and IG is hard since I mostly only answer business things there. In general it's hard to keep in touch with me over the internet lately due a lack of time :( (Btw, are you the one who messaged me on Tumblr anonymously yesterday?) x

    2. Of course it's interesting. I don't comment on every post of yours, but I do read them. - and I also thought of that! Your eyes are purely magical and it feels as if they're telling a 'story'.
      Ah.. I can't express how much that means to me. You mean a lot to me, so you saying something like this to Me .. is unbelievable.
      Yeah, I understand :-/. The other things I can think of are 'Hangouts' (which I don't use, but I would if that meant we could talk there) or 'Skype' OR giving out phone numbers and talk on Viber or WhatsApp.. and I do trust you etc., but still I'm scared to give my phone number away (of course I wouldn't do it via this 'blogpost comment-thing')..

      I don't really like talking to others.., but I feel as if there's a need to talk to you. Because you're special.
      (I don't have Tumblr, so that's probably not me.) x

  2. This is such an amazing and insightful post love <3 The blue lenses look so amazing on you, even thought your natural eye colour is stunning anyway! <3 And the cases for the lenses are amazing oh my goshhhh!! Too cute <3 Thank you for sharing my love <3
    Kinga xx

    1. Thank you so much dear ♥ I really love these deep blue lenses as well. Should wear them much more often! And yes the lenses are so super cute and kawaii >o< I also have one pair of ice cream lenses which look like little cupcakes °.°x♥

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