Running With The Wolves

Matte Lipstick - Lime Crime in Rustic
Necklaces - Shop Dixi
Cardigan - Vintage similar here and here
Ripped Top - H&M similar here and here
Vegan Platform Boots - Vii & Co

Jewelry is so so important, really. I'm pretty sure you are one of the people that love to wear black all the time. Especially for these outfits jewelry and accessories are the key factor to turn that simple black into a whole new light! One of my favorite brands are definitely Dixi since their jewelry is really special, mostly sterling silver so you get quality and no cheap stuff and I love each collection of them so much. From moon and sun inspired collections to bohemian pieces where you feel like a mermaid or beach doll till to the latest collection called "Running With The Wolves", which blew my mind once again! Lots of Labradorites, leave and branch elements where you can see the wolf running through the woods, ending on a mountain howling under the moon. It's like each piece of the collection is telling a story which you can follow by looking through the range. So much love, I can't even put it into words. I'm so thankful for this brand, also because they offer small rings sizes fitting to my little hands. Thank you for rocking the magical fashion world guys ♥ 

Next month we will also have a surprise for you so keep your eyes open on my Instagram 


  1. Wow •.• ~ You're sooo Beautiful.
    I already knew that, but especially the Second one on which you're smiling/looking towards the camera. I looked at that photograph and It made me smile instantly.

    (+ the jewellery is also beautiful and as Magical as you are!)

    Your whole existence makes me smile. It's so weird that I don't even know you (but I do understand you) and You are so so so important to Me. If I didn't have IG, I would have never found your profile and have never dm-ed you. And I try to comment as much as I 'can' because that's the only way to keep in touch with you. I just wanted to say that you're making me smile... I don't feel good many times, but still. Seeing your photo's, reading your posts, and 'dreaming' about meeting you can make me feel less bad (for that moment).
    <3 - I hope you have a nice day. And don't stress too much about work or anything.

    1. Thank you sweetie. I didn't even recognized the 'smile' cause I'm not smiling from the inside :D But yea at least I can make people happy and put a smile in their face like I did to you!

      I love you from the bottom of my heart. I really hope one day we will see each other. So I won't have to get sad over only imagining you over and over again. We shouldn't only dreaming about things like that. Dreams are there to fulfill them. And I hope I can make your dream, and also mine come true on day.
      I yes guess a lot of people have found me via IG, but, only the smallest part has really 'found me', like knowing, or imagining the real self, the one that I don't even know for myself anymore, the part apart from pictures only.

      Have a beautiful evening sweet soul and keep shining ♥

    2. I understand what you're saying with 'I'm not smiling from the inside'... I'm really sorry that you can feel that way, I know how hard it is to feel 'happy' (etc.), I also am not smiling from the inside, and most of the time I'm also not smiling from the outside (but oh well).

      <3. <3. <3.

  2. Nice Picture! That she had share in this article and i really like it this type or images.

  3. I adore the ShopDixi "Run with the wolves" collections! It's so daring and elegant! I love how you styled the jewellery in the all black outfit with you platforms! You can really see the jewellery and it's beauty thought the black fabric! You also look stunning in these photos dear! <3
    Kinga xx