Sign Of The Zodiac

Pink Choker - Gift from London Edge
No Face Choker - Shop Chokers
Uoza "Pisces" Hoodie - Sarah Thursday
Mizugameza "Aquarius" Tee - Sarah Thursday
Black Shorts - H&M(DIY) similar here and here
Patterned Tights - TK Maxx similar here
Pink Faux Fur Creepers - T.U.K

Astronomy, the universe, the endless space with its unknown secrets. Something that really fascinates, yet scares me at the same time. But this is what makes it so interesting to me, something that we fear and don't know. Additional to that I'm simply obsessed with star signs, each so magical in its own way. I am a Libra for myself as you can tell by my tattoo on my forefinger.

As a long and true follower you surely know about my dear Sarah Thursday that I collaborated for like two times before already. You can see posts here and here or go here to see Sarah's lovely blog post about our first collab. I can't remember when or how we met exactly, it was on Instagram I think(of course). But what I truly know is that I was straight under her spell, looking at her work and art which you could still recognize between thousands of other pieces. The love in each design, the details, everything so different, yet there's this special own charm in each of them. Back in time she began with the "Yokai" Collection, where I felt in love with the "Hitsuji" design as it reminded me so much of Princess Mononoke. And not from accident since she gets her inspiration from animes as well next to bloggers and social media characters like Beatriz Mariano(I can totally see her in the Nightwalker Design) or myself included(might be the Stargazer Print), which I feel super honored about. But as the prints are not already like created from god's hands, the quality of the clothing itself is simply breathtaking. The soft material, especially from her hoodies where I own two already, one of them up in the look. It might be the strong energy and vibes caught in it but it's just so damn comfy I can't put it into words. The first moment jumping into it, I feel so protected and complete. The hood always sits perfectly. If there's one thing I would have to wear for the rest of my life then it would be her hoodie, just hard to decide which one to choose from these two beauties I own now! I truly enjoy everything so much. The parcels itself, wrapped in a black box full with goodies like patches, stickers and self-written notes. My phones live with her phone cases like I would never change it to something else. The product captions of each product in her shop since designs always have a story and inspiration which she shares with us. 

Seeing Sarah growing big over such a short time, following her not only on her Instagram and the stories she shares each day with her cats in the cat café, drawing progresses and adventures she truly lives out but also by sending each other mails so long that they turn out into little novels, I'm thankful for everything she shares with me and you and I truly enjoy to give her all my love and support back ♥

Now after publishing a couple other projects and collections, she made it to something that I dreamed about all the time. Like I'm serious, I really saw this collection in future everyday. It happened. Finally. And It puts me under so much excitement and happiness! The new Collection is called "Seiza" what means star signs, so you can expect twelve designs on which she's working now over the time. Right now you can already have a look at Sagittarius, Aquarius, Pisces and the latest Aries, now she's working on Taurus. You can follow her progresses always on her Instagram. You can't imagine how excited I am about my own star sign Libra. I will probably tear up seeing the finished design ♥

As I told you before, it would be a surprise to me if you don't know her but following me. And as we both are so close together, supporting each other as much as possible, we've talked about something that we'd love to share with you. A lot of my friends even in real life own pieces of her already and I know lots of my followers still want to set an order as well. This is why we created a discount code for you, the only one existing to mention! 

Simply use "Kimi" at your order at Sarah Thursday and you save a bit money and magic for your future ♥
Thanks for reading this post and I hope I didn't gave you a love overdose, but she really became a part to me and I'm so thankful for her creating pure art and sharing so much love. Thank you Sarah. And thanks to everyone who's supporting her and me ♥

By the way, which zodiac sign are you? 


  1. Astronomy, The Universe... It's so incredibly Magical, there are no 'Human' words to describe the Purity and Peculiarity of This 'Great Existence'. I agree with you... It's fascinating & scary at the same time, but that's the importance.

    You're not writing about Me, but I find it so nice to read that You care so much about Her and to read about Your thoughts about Her. You both are just Marvellous Creatures.

    More than a year ago I ordered the 'Afraid' phone case from her. And I've also already seen her new collection & it's Magnificent!!! But I could buy anything from Her because Everything looks Amazing. - Btw: I can also see You in the 'Stargazer' Design... When I first saw it, It was immediately my favourite from the 'Nocturnal' Collection and I've also noticed that it looked familiar ((little) like You!). Her designs are as Beautiful as You are, and Someone who can create Things like These is also as Beautiful as her designs. I'm glad that You have such a good connection with each other, You deserve the Happiness she gives You and She deserves the Happiness You give Her.

    - I wish You (both) the Best. I hope you're good. and actually, reading about that You send each other long mails etc... made me cry a little because I wish I could have such a connection with You... because even without knowing You, I 'know' You. But I do know that that will not happen because of many reasons, but especially because 'Me'... Sorry for wasting your time with this 'nonsense', and for bothering.
    - I do hope that You know that I am always here for You, also in Good Times, and that I always support You. So I wrote this, mainly, because I wanted to show that I care not only about 'what' but also about 'who'-s important to You. xx

    1. Wow dear. I think you actually gave me the conclusion why it was so hard to write this article. No 'human' words, that is it. It's so ethereal and beautiful, impossible to put it into the 'human language'. Gosh I love you for this, for the reflections. Things I'm losing out of sight for myself. And then there are you, like a little fairy coming to me with these deep thoughts. Nearly as good as finding an answer to the complete sense of existing. And I'm sure you could be the one who has an answer to this. If not now then one day for sure!

      I didn't know that you also own something from her, that makes me so super happy. I have another friend who just got her 'Afraid' phone case a couple days ago and she's so happy with it too. The Stargazer design yes, the pose you know. Whenever I see someone doing this, I know, it's from me :D

      I hope this calms you a bit down knowing that we are not writing daily since we are both super busy persons. That is with everyone, really. Even with my closest friends. Working in social media is so heartbreaking and exhausting sometimes. Taking a break doesn't mean I'm going to answer all of my friends all the time, more like just shutting down everything and going back to myself and calm me down. I try it at least, it's hard. Overworking. You know.
      You are literally the first person where I can slightly say that 'you know me' for real. I mean, of course you don't do. And I could never agree with that for anyone else on the internet. You are not wasting my time dear. You really don't. If you would, you'd never receive my answer here. I truly enjoy taking my time to reply to you even if we can just write. I don't know your face, nor your voice. Yet I see you as a beautiful light there full of beauty and wisdom ♥ Have a beautiful day precious being ♥

  2. This is such an amazing review dear! You completely captured the spirit and story and the personalty of Sarah Thursday. I found out about her amazing artistry thought your blog and I'm so glad I did, her art became one of my favourites! I've thought I've seen you in the "Stargazer Print"!! It totally reminded me of you <3 I may get the Aries top using your code! It's such an amazing design, and like you say, her products are an amazing quality so of course I trust you and her wonderful work! Thank you for sharing this! ^_^
    Kinga xx

    1. Thank you so much for your words dear, you can't believe how much this is cheering me up right now! Do you know this feeling when you want to put all your heart into something, yet it still feels like it's not enough? That's how I felt here extremely. But reading your lovely feedback calms me down and gives me hope that I have captured it correctly <3 By the way, which zodiac sign are you? Are you Aries? I would totally get me all of the designs to be honest. Each star sign to wear it each month :) I would recommend you to either get a shirt or, if you are more the hoodie person, go for a hoodie! I will show you both of mine and the other stuff when you are coming here this weekend. So you can see how the quality is and everything. I'm so excited to see you my dear. Thanks for supporting her and me ♥

  3. Wow, I’m just really happy that I find your blog. Your style is perfect. Don’t stop posting ,
    because I’m coming back:)