Where My Fashion Inspiration Truly Begins + My Manga Recommendations

Reading manga, never really thought about that to be honest. I was always a watcher instead of reader person, always went for watching animes instead of reading the Manga. But, at one point, everything changed.

I tried it with books a couple times. Some artists could convince and enchant me to keep reading, like Bukowski did with his thoughts and way of writing and seeing the society. I feel bad about the fact that I haven't read Harry Potter yet. I feel really sad about it, punish me please. But this is still on my list and one day I'm sure, I will read all of them since this world is just more to me than just something we can look into. I grew up with it and it went through my life together with me, through bad and good times. Pure memories. Family, my parents. The magic that I still keep today, the witchy side in me, a big part caused by this beautiful world. My love for snakes, the realization that I can speak with them and that I have been one in my life before. I have found out so much about it through this magical world with their creatures and characters.

I've got a bunch of reading material from Panini Comics including this Harry Potter "Der große Filmzauber" book which I'll review for you soon. As you can see, there's lots of additional stuff which is so super exciting to explore. I'm sure I will have lots of fun with it! I haven't found the time to read it yet as I'm really into the manga but I will go for it soon. Damn so much to read, so much to see, to create, to explore... and there's just this little time. I wish I could do everything at once.

This week beginning tomorrow from the 23rd to the 26th 2017 is the Leipziger Book Fair again. I have been there for three times already, you can read about the last two years here and here where I documented my experiences in words and pictures for you. Of course, this year I will attend as well since there coming lots of people from other cities who wants to meet up. It's also so super practical that I just live right around the corner like 15 minutes away with the tram! I won't wear a 'real' cosplay again since I just love to create my ow, throwing stuff together. But I will definitely go for something magical that's for sure!

Panini Comics will have their own booth there as well which is one of the facts I'm most excited about since I love to meet people that I was in contact on the internet before in real life. The staff is just so super friendly and wonderful! Whenever I recommend you something than it really comes from my heart. I always put importance into the customer service and the care in overall. That is why Panini got a very important place in my heart already. Not only because they got me into reading manga but the super lovely contact to them. Can't wait to meet you guys(in case you read it as well <3)

And as we speak about manga, I'd like to introduce you to what I have read so far and review you three different things, beginning with

Adventure Time 

where I have seen the series before.

I have read two comics from now - the second and the third.
If you don't know Adventure Time yet I can tell you it's some really crazy shit. Like that kind of crazy where things are so strange that it's funny again but you don't know if you want to laugh or just question yourself what's going on. Kind of trippy, like you'd be on drugs. All of the characters have such a strong personality, different and special in it's own way. One of my favorite skirts, the pink one in case you have seen it already has Lumpy Space Princess on it too. I can really recommend you both, the series and the comic. The comic itself looks so super cute also and I love the wonderful colorful pictures!

Right after that I started straight a manga that I got to know last year on the LBM already, called

Twin Star Exorcists

I read the first three volumes and already want more of it! There's an anime of it available as well which I haven't watched yet as I think this one is definitely one of the stories that are much better in Manga. But I will give the anime a try as well as it might be interesting to see the difference. To cut the story short: Rokuro Enmado has the dream to become the strongest Exorcist. After a tragic incident in his life he decides to go another way. But then one day Benio Adashino, another Exorcist appears and she literally forces him to go back to his old dreams. According to prophecy, Rokuro and Benio are the "Twin Star Exorcists", destined to marry and have a child known as the Miko, which will be the ultimate exorcist, capable of cleansing all evil spirits, or Kegare, from the world and ending the war that has lasted over a millennium. I can really recommend this one, especially if you like a bit action!

Coming to the next, the manga that I'm reading right now but nearly finished already of what I own(the first and second book) is 

Kiss x Death

The story seems to be kind of weird and nasty in the first moment. I mean, parasites on the tongue of a human who control their body to fulfill their mission. Also this alien parasite looks really creepy to me. But, once you start to read, it's getting really interesting and you simply can't stop. Five criminals which were sent to the earth to be exiled but they somehow managed to escape and now, they are attached on the tongue of five girls. The more you read, the more you start to like the parasite called "Z" on the tongue of main character Tozu Shingo who has a fear of girls. I guess there are enough guys outside who feel that way right, but in this case it's very unfitting since the only way to banish the criminals is a mouth-to-mouth release if you understand :P

The last manga, and my favorite that I want to introduce you for today is....

Nana & Kaoru - Fesselnde Liebe  

So this manga is categorized under Ecchi, means includes erotic parts, dirty and naughty stuff. I have never read something like that before, just watched animes with things like that what is always super funny and kind of cute to me, yet I never had anything about bondage and SM what this manga is mainly about. So as I love to read whenever I'm on the train or in the bus, I started this one when I was on the way to an appointment. The first pages were, well, as expected. Kaoru, the main character of two had one of these dreams and woke up in the morning, where we get introduced about his fantasies and hobbies. But reading further it's getting really interesting. Just a normal school life, but with a secret background in the head of a normal student. Then later Nana joins the story in a very, very funny way I tell you! I had to laugh loudly in public when I was reading that part :D It is just so super cute and both characters get so close to your own heart. Here also I read the first and second book but I will definitely keep reading it as soon as I'm getting the new ones! I never believed that I will also like SM and bondage stuff that much, also never had a dislike against it, more like completely the opposite. But now everything seems even more interesting to me and I just love how these both characters live it out in a very interesting and lovely way. When posting about in on my Instagram story I got so much positive feedback from my followers and fans too. So if you are also not only into the Ecchi stuff but you love to laugh and when characters start to get really close to you, this is definitely something you should read

I will make more of these reviews since I want to show you what my personality looks like. That includes interests like anime and video games too. I want to give you tips about these topics and hobbies that I love. To me it's getting boring only posting about fashion. Things like that keep a balance in your life and it is important to gain new inspiration. I get my inspiration from everything, what I see daily, what I watch, but also from reading manga now. So I give you an insight about the backgrounds of my thoughts, outfits and characters that I create from my mind  

Please also do my a favor and have a browse through Panini Comics Website(especially if you are from Germany) which is manga source now. I just find it super important to support companies who work with heart and passion 


  1. An welchem Tag kommst du zur Leipziger Buchmesse? Ich komme nämlich auch und es wäre soooooo toll dich mal zu treffen 😻

    1. Ich bin am Samstag dort 💜😘

    2. Kannst du am sontag auch kommen? :D

    3. Hab leider nur eine Karte für Samstag :s

  2. It's so cool that you decided to share your love for manga. I love anime, but usually I get caught up watching other things. This is all a good reminder for me to make time.

    1. I know what you mean I often have times where I am rather into series & movies than anime as I need the connection to the real life if you understand. But mostly I get lost into animes to escape from reality. The same for manga, but it's different to anime and a really wonderful experience. You should try it too <3

  3. Wonderful. Just Wonderful. It's nice to know that Harry Potter inspired You that much. But don't be 'hard' on Yourself for not reading it yet. You can read it whenever You would like to, there is no 'bad' time for it (I also haven't read it, but that's maybe because I'm more into 'LotR')
    Those Manga's look Amazing, I would also like to read (them, and other books), but I just never have time. School and Life in general make/made Me crazy and I'm mentally tired (but oh well, I'm just pathetic).
    Anyway, I wish You a very nice time at the Leipziger Book Fair, and the best of luck. You don't need to cosplay because You're already the most Wonderful/Magical/Unreal Character on Your own.

    1. Thank you so much lovely! I think people either grew up with Harry Potter or LotR, either more magical and fantasy or the adult, more realistic version :D I like LotR as well but it would never come as close as to HP. I think GoT is my kind of Lord of the Rings now as I'm older already too :)
      You should always take your time for things like that no matter how much work or school you have, really. It is so important to keep your mind clear, to get new inspiration and to get rid off bad thoughts. Please give it a try and you will automatically feel better <3

  4. This is such a wonderful post dear! I literally read it few times as it really got me! It's so amazing how much you're sharing on here, and the fact that manga inspires you in terms of fashion is so unique! I can totally see how it inspires you ^_^ The way you dress, do your hair and make up, it all comes down together to anime and manga, and seeing this blog post of yours, talking about all of the different manga stories you read I can really see a true passion and inspiration. I love Adventure Time! It's so cute and like you said kind of trippy but that's what makes it unique! Thank you so much for sharing this! Also that Harry Potter book! :O I'm so jealous! It looks soooo good! I read Harry Potter so many times, I can't even tell you, you must read it! You will love it I'm sure ^_^ Don't feel bad on not reading it! Trust me, it took me ages to read at least one of the books. Amazing post! I love reading these kinds of posts of yours, it feels like I know you even more and see the world how you see it, which is just amazing! Keep on sharing all of these inspirations darling! <3
    Kinga xxx