London Day Two Meeting Underground England

Following up with this post, I tell you about my second day where I went to Soho together with my friend as I got invited to Underground England's showroom.

There was this store called Vegan Hippo two minutes away where we had coffee and breakfast on a beautiful sunny Monday. One fact that I like to mention is the thing with the new five pound notes. Did you know that they contain animal fats, means they aren't vegan? I read a thing about that before on the internet already but thought it was with the dollar notes. You can't pay with these five pound notes at Vegan Hippo what is an really amazing point to me since you know that they are informed and care not only about the food! When you order you can choose a little animal figure from a basket to take it with you to the table as order sign. Such a super cute idea!

We got welcomed at the showroom with so much love and hugs. Ready in clothes to shoot we went out for pictures while hearing the most important stories about Soho. I haven't been in that area before so it was awesome to get showed around by Becky and the team. 

I felt in love with all of their shoes and clothing again. The Jungle collection became to my new favorite!! There was also one funky pink pair that reminded me of a blogger friend Kayla Hadlington. Totally forgot to take a picture but you maybe have seen it on my Instagram stories or have a look here.

Between record stores, sex shops and all the cafés next to each other, we went into a casino to play a round of Tekken, hah! Then had vegan Froyo at Yorica, my first one ever since I haven't found it in Germany yet. We spent ages in there talking about business stuff and personal things while our ice cream nearly melted away from too long and deep conversations :D

Becky and also the photographer and everyone from the team were one of my absolutely highlights from the trip and I'm super thankful for knowing you guys! 
Definitely one of my favorite brands that I'll support with all my heart ❤️ 

 Aili and me checked out China Town five minutes away from our place and later met up with the other blogger babes at Camden Market. China Town was full with loads of different restaurants and also shops where you got all kind of sweets and foods! Difficult for a vegan though since you can't read most of the things. Eye candy anyway! ♥

If you are near Camden Market next time definitely go to Magic Falafel, a little food stand right outside next to Cyberdogs. Funniest and coolest guy in there ever on top of the best falafel with the yummiest tahini sauce we had in our life(and I tell you we both tried loads of different ones before already). I even left them a five star review on Facebook with a big additional text. Never did that before so that means something!

 The last day which was Valentine's Day was also our time to leave again. Before taking the bus to the airport we checked out the Old Spitalfields Market. I knew that area from my last trip already. Had coffee and breakfast at Yumchaa and enjoyed the super lovely sunny weather outside. There were so much vintage stores that I wanted to check out but not possible with such little time and heavy luggage to carry around. 

Below some pictures from an organic food market near Liverpool Street. I can't remember which one it was exactly but just look what cool vegan things they had in there. So jealous! The Raw Coconut Water bottle is seriously the cutest ♥

We were back in Hamburg very late so I spent one night there before heading further back home. Just looking at the pictures makes me missing all the people and the beautiful city. Especially the little things. The super kind cashiers and the sweet words you receive at every purchase. The moments you pray paying with your Oyster Card in hope you have enough money on it for another ride. The excitement entering a food store thinking everything is vegan as all of the package designs are so super pretty. The sound of the ambulance which isn't even annoying in my ears. The smell and the rainy air. I miss London again. And it's the same feeling I had two years back. 

I just want to be home.


  1. Lovely pics, I really enjoyed your post �� The showroom is super cool, and the vegan stuff and cafes look awesome. I wish to visit London as well! Who won the tekken though? ;)

    1. Thank you Hanna ♥(Just read your comment on Instagram :)) You need to visit London one day, it's such an amazing experience! We played Tekken in turns, I won the first two games and my friend defeated me and my other friends afterwards x)

  2. This is such a cute and insightful post! And omg my face!! haha
    I love the photography even more, you did such a good job portraying your days in London both verbally and visually! I'm also so proud and happy for you for shooting with such a cool brand that is Underground Shoes <3
    Seeing you in London was a highlight of 2017 for sure! I can't wait to see you again soon! <3 Love you and miss you!
    Kinga xx

  3. I love your photos, not so typical of London. I'm glad you had a wonderful experience.

    1. Thank you so much. I thought I have captured the typical London so it's wonderful to read you got another impression :3 ♥