London Edge February 2017

Being on the way back home feels super strange. I'm writing this right now while I'm on the bus from Hamburg to Leipzig. 6 hours to go. Sitting in the last row between strangers, the bus is completely full. As full as my with thoughts filled head, positive and not negative but confused feelings. Confused about the fact how quickly time passes by and how long this short time feels to me. So much things happened again and I'm purely thankful for each experience. I'd recommend to read my previous post that I made before I headed off to London in case you haven't seen yet. It's interesting to read how I felt before and now after my journey. 

On Saturday early morning I started my trip to Hamburg since my close friend Aili who joined me comes from there and we met up to take the flight to London from his city. After arriving in Hamburg with the bus, a waking cup of coffee and good Asian food we took the plane in the evening over to the country of my dreams. Our two room mates from Airbnb welcomed us late in the evening in a super lovely way. The room we rented was nice too. A little bit cold to be honest but I think that happens often around that area since the windows are quite old but the view out there was wonderful. The first night was short since we had to leave early for the London Edge. If you wonder what kind of event it is - it's an alternative fashion trade show where brands and bloggers meet up, also open for visitors who are interested in that kind of lifestyle. 

On Sunday we met up with two friends of mine which are German as well. It was funny since we've never met each other before but wrote so much to each other on the internet and met for first time in another country. We had breakfast at Mildred's Kings Cross, such a nice vegan and vegetarian place. The fresh avocado on sourdough bread was the bomb! 

At London Edge which was right around the corner we got welcomed by Vicky who managed everything throughout the show. She's such a sweetheart and she gave me a trusting and calming feeling already before the event. From one moment to the next we were standing there, right in the middle between all the bloggers. Olivia, Viola, Psychara, Kinga Kurek, just to mention a few beautiful faces. 

Starting off with photos and selfies, followed by a tour through the hall so we could check out all the brand and get introduced by them. 

Of course I wasn't into all of them but I think one of my favorites was the Hexbomb stand. A brand who sells really crazy bathbombs for dark souls, vegan & cruelty free. Totally forgot to take pictures in excitement! My favorite was the black bomb which I can't wait to try out. The white bomb has the best smell from all to me, sweet watermelon hmmhh! All of us bloggers had the same opinion on it, also my best friend loves the smell so much!

Another brand that I knew before already is T.U.K. It was nice to check out their new shoes and to talk to their PR manager in person. I own three pair of them already, two creepers and one platform boots. I like them also because they have lots of different vegan models in range.

We had lunch break later at the place we had breakfast already.

and went back to the Edge, took some more photos and had chats with brands.

Below you can see the hair dyes from Herman's Professional which are new to me as well. We also got some kind of Liquorice Vodka to taste there what was so good, damn! :D

 I was talking to the guys from Priority Clothing. I love the design with the Queen! Was so nice to meet and talk to you :)

These both cuties are from OKAYLA. Their clothing is a mix of sporty but luxury pieces. Such nice stuff and I'm in love with the pictures of their shootings. You really need to check them out! 

Also this booth below was really interesting to me. I saw it at the end and was so impressed of the designs. They are called Tile Cat Boutiqueinspired by Chinese ethic minorities creating colorful and fancy costumes combined with traditional Tibetan patterns. Crazy colors and interesting shapes. I freaking love it! I only took a picture of this rack but there were all the beautiful backpacks and bags in the background. They also make lots of jewelry which you need to check out on their website. My favorites are these backpacks for guys.

Lastly one of the probably most known exhibitor was Manic Panic. We talked a lot with them and I got a couple of products to try including the White Dreamtone Foundation which I'll review for you soon! 

It was time for the after party where we got some free drinks to end the day in a funny way! 

This was the first day of my London tour and I'm so super happy about the experiences.

It left a lot things in me again, topics that I like to speak about like from the difference I experienced between traveling alone or in company to what I think about all this social media stuff. There's loads that I'd love to share with you guys and I will but in my future posts since it would be too much at once now. I also prepare another post of my second and third day in London meeting the guys from Underground England!

I hope you've enjoyed reading this and if you are one of the souls I met throughout the time, thank you for everything 💜 It was so nice to meet you and I really hope to see you soon again, whether it's at the next London Edge in September or at another place in this world. I love you guys 💜


  1. It was very nice to read about Your experience in London. And of course to read about your thoughts before the Trip. I'm glad that you had such a Good time, You deserved it, and of course still deserve it for in the future. {And 'London Edge' seems very cool!} but the most important thing is that you enjoyed being there and enjoyed your time with others. I know it is hard to be surrounded by people, you get an anxious feeling etc, but eventually that'll go away (more or less) and It makes me smile that you managed to conquer the anxiety (in a way), and I know that you'll be able to do the same thing in the Future! ~ I hope that you're still doing good back in Germany. Don't stress too much about stuff/work/etc, the most important thing is to take good care of yourself and of the ones you Love. ~~~ I hope that I'll also meet You one day •.•

  2. How cool time in london girl! I love so much the London Edge and I hope I could attend in the future haha. It looks like you enjoyed so much this trip and this kind of experiences helps us to feel better and more confidence with ourselves.

    Very cool post and I can't wait to see more about your trip! :)
    Instagram: @veronicamgx

    1. Aww please come there in September too! I'm sure you'd totally love it :) It was such an amazing experience yes. It changed so much in me, to the positive of course.

      The second post should be up tomorrow or the next day :)

      Thank you dear ♥

  3. I find it very cute . .. Really nice :) Amazing total look
    I love so much this your looking :)

  4. Ahh I loved reading your post dear! Thank you so much for tagging me! Reading this I've felt like I was reliving the experience! And can I say how nice it was finally meeting you in person, you are such a kind, stunning and amazing person! <3 I already miss London Edge and how much fun we all had during it all! I can't wait for September, hopefully see you there! :) Love xxx
    Kinga xxx