You, Me & Bones

Hey Guys!

Today I make a really special review for you again. There's this brand called You, Me & Bones. Interesting name...with an even more interesting concept behind it. I came across this brand probably over a half a year ago already and always had my eyes on their creepy but so damn beautiful candles. 
From their famous doll head candles to cat skulls, anatomical hearts and brains. Damn this is something for really crazy and cool people! I've never seen something like that before else so I just couldn't get it out of my head. Nearly all of their candles are made of soy wax and now the best part- dude, the smell. I tell you. When I picked up my baby from the post office they probably didn't even wanted to give it out anymore. The post lady just put it on the table and the whole air was filled with an intense, heavenly smell. That made it easy to guess what was inside ;) You have a little overview about each scent here. Even reading the descriptions makes it so hard to resist ugh.

The brand is based in Melbourne founded 2013 by the lovely Waan(another cat lover over here ♥). All of the pieces are hand poured and come with love and positive strangeness and a smell you will never forget ♥

Here are a few pictures of my new gem which comes in a grey color. It just looks so beautiful at any place. No matter if you put your friend on your witchy altar, in the bathroom next to your bathtub or the book collection or in between plants where the doll head shines in bright new light. This is just the perfect piece of art for any rad home place. It is totally affordable too but be aware, they sell so quickly! 

Here's also a picture of two buttons that I got a while ago :)

Hat - H&M similar here and here
Glitter and Face Jewels - Jazzy Glitter
Silver Glitter Hair - Powder Room D
Shoulder Cutout Body - Asos
Doll Head Candle - You, Me & Bones

There's a new Valentine's Day Collection out right now too so if you want to surprise your beloved one(or simply treat yourself like I'd do) have a look on that cuz that collection is filled with much more love than you can find in anyone or anywhere! For more aesthetics, ideas and pleasing pictures click here!


  1. These candles are so unique and such a conversation starter when having people over. I love your face glitter!

    1. I know right they are so interesting! And the conversation even begins with the great smell it leaves in your whole flat, it's crazy :o Thank you so much ♥

  2. Oh my gosh!! I love these! They look so cute and creepy <3 The photos you took of them show their beauty the most! Great review hun! <3
    Kinga xxx