Haku and Chihiro

Hair Color - Arctic Fox
No Face Choker - Shop Chokers
Ghibli Cropped Tee - Happy Monday
Salt n Pepper Leggings - H&M

Not more to say about this than forever Ghibli. 
Forever Haku and Chihiro ♥

Below I have made you a selection of my latest Ghibli related discoveries.

My favorites are definitely the Jiji Beanie and the Jiji tights. Really need to get them for myself asap! There's so much more wonderful things out there. I came across bedding and kitchen tools as well. I wouldn't complain to live in a house completely full with Ghibli stuff. Sometimes I just want to escape into one of these magical worlds. I just want to be Kiki. A little witch doing her beloved job in the bakery flying on her broom with a little black cat by her side. Living in a small town surrounded by wonderful and kind people. Everything so calm and heart-warming. Just like a family.

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