Band Tee Obsession

Hair Color - Arctic Fox in Silver
Iron Maiden Tee - Impericon
Moon Necklace - Witch Worldwide similar here
Black Shorts - H&M(DIY)
Umbrella Socks - Happy Socks
Vegan Boots - Dr. Martens 

Hey Guys! 
Right now we all are a little bit obsessed with band tees, I mean, nothing is better than to run around with your favorite band on your clothes so everyone knows what you like. When you find the pieces in thrift shops or when you buy it at a concert it is of course the best feeling as you can connect it with history and memories. A distressed old look is the way I like it. I might publish a tutorial later to show how you can make new band tees looking very special and unique and which techniques you can use! 

Below I made a little selection for you where you can find some rad tees to rock the streets! Some of them are already distressed to make them look trashy and vintage. The best thing is you can buy in the men's section too cause shirts just have to be oversized and comfy! But keep in mind that you support what you wear, so, knowing and listening to the band is very important.

What is your favorite kind of music and do you own a beloved favorite band tee in your closet already?


  1. I love your outfit especially your socks. Band tees are everything, I'm always sifting through the racks at thrift stores searching for a hidden gem.

    1. Thank you so much Diana :) Oh gosh yes, thrifted tees are the best! It's so difficult to find them there though as they are mostly sold already >< But when you find one it's like the best gem ever ♥

  2. I totally love the band tee's you picked! The one you're wearing looks so good on you and gosh your hair!!! <3 I always feel like wearing bit of my personality when wearing a band tee, do you get that as well?
    Maybe you should do a blog post on the band's you listen to? :D
    Love, Kinga xxx

    1. Thank you so much dear! They had a couple of different Iron Maiden shirts but I chose this one as I like the colors, blue and yellow. The other ones were more red like most band shirts :D Wearing the personality is simply the best thing you can do and I know that feeling so very well! <3
      That is such a great idea :o I think I haven't shared anything about that before yet. Thank you for the idea, will keep that in mind!! ♥

  3. Replies
    1. Oh thanks for reading it :) Will definitely do it later! ♥