Chapter Three of Goddess Provisions

My personal highlight of each month since December is seeing my post man coming up to my door holding a sparkly purple box for me which I open in excitement to receive a cloud of happiness and positive vibes, enchanting smells and a bunch of surprises!

Now since it is February I can already count my third box which arrived yesterday. I talk about Goddess Provisions of course. You can check my other two reviews here and here.

The February boxes are already sold out since they are very popular but you can put your hand on yours for March already! Simply subscribe here.

This time the following things were included:

A Polychrome Jasper

This stone will help you to connect you with nature. Really important to me for times where I'm stuck at home due illness or depression. This stone will help me to connect with the earth and the pure nature outside ♥ The stone has red spots which stand for enhancing passion, and yellow spots for strengthening willpower. The perfect combination to fill you with energy again!

Bad Girl Good Tea Flower Crown Tea

I'm drinking a cup of this tea right now while writing this post and, man, this is actually real tea not the stuff you can buy in bags! You actually have a really intense taste not watery like I have experienced so often with this cheap supermarket stuff before and you don't even want to add sweetness since it's such a colorful rainbow of flavors in your mouth! I'm a huge lover of green, especially white tea! Loose tea is always a sign of freshness and high quality. I just love looking at the ingredients, especially the little blue cornflower petals in here. So pure and rich. There's also pineapple and mango inside what you can taste with every sip!

Modern Minerals Lip Gloss

This lipstick isn't that exciting to me since I'm not a fan of glossy lips at all. But if you go for glossy lips, no matter if plain or over another lipstick you will definitely stay on the great side with this one as it is full with minerals and herbs to protect your lips! In here On the photo I'm wearing it over a Lime Crime lipstick in Red Velvet.

Chocolita Lavendar Dreamtime Bar

The chocolate is still waiting for me, will probably enjoy it when I'm watching Breaking Bad or Anime next time :) There's "gotu kola" inside, sounds completely new to me so I looked it up on the internet and found out that it's helpful against depression, tiredness, anxiety and improves the blood pressure which is really needed to me. Sounds amazing. Also chocolate makes happy anyway since it's full of Phenylethylamine and other wonders to improve your mood!  The moment where my heart started to bounce was when I saw the background description, reading the words compostable, recycled paper and soy ink. This is so important to me and I'm happy that these true companies take importance into it ♥

Anima Mundi Herbals Lux Flower Essence

I had to get a bit information about this essence as I was unsure what it is exactly. It says you can put them directly into your mouth under your tongue or you put the drops into a glass of water or tea to enhance the psychic protection. Really interesting. I think it's the best to use it before or while you mediate! I have tasted it already and it's really calming to me. 

Technician Of The Sacred Sticker Set

You can never go wrong with stickers! I love this one because the colors and shapes are inspired by mandalas. Perfectly for spiritual people and the indie boho vibe!

Adoratherapy Joy Chakra Boost

And lastly my favorite from these things so far which is the Adoratherapy Chakra Boost Roller. It's similar to the one which I got in my first box but with a different smell, more flowery and like a perfume. 

The box wasn't completely "me" this time since I'm more focused on witchy things not flowery stuff, but this is not a bad point since there are new things each month and this is what surprises are about ♥ Also you get to know new things, you'll learn knowledge & gain experiences! I have found out about gotu kola and other ingredients which were completely unknown to me before. And now I know what REAL TEA tastes like. I don't even want to touch those bags from the grocery store anymore :D This is what I love so much about this box and can't wait for the March one!

Are you also a goddess already and have you received one of the boxes? If yes let me know what you think about it! Don't forget to subscribe here


  1. Awesome post! I always look forward to seeing your monthly box. The rock is m fav.

    1. Thank you so much! I'm so glad you like it and it keeps pushing me to review it for you ♥ The stone looks like a mix of a galaxy and the earth to me.♥

  2. Amazing post dear! <3 All of the goodies look so cool worth buying the box! I may have to subscribe soon!
    Kinga xxx

    1. Thank you so much babe!! Yes do it you won't regret it :*

  3. Lovely idea of surprises. The tea sounds perfect to me :)

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