Spirit Hood - Amazon
Grey Hair - Powder Room D
Immortal Coil Tunic - Killstar
Luna Pendant - Witch Worldwide
Salem Over The Knee Socks - Killstar
Sabitha Booties - Killstar

Ready for Tamriel. Ready to hunt Frost Trolls! 

Killstar has now footwear in range which I'm so excited about! I went for the Sabitha Booties cause I felt in love with them immediately. My second favorites are the Malice Platforms which I might put my hands on later as well. I'm surprised how light these platforms are, but also surprised how much higher they are in reality :D They are definitely the highest platforms in my collection now. If you wanna slay a witchy outfit you will definitely win with these :) I love these photos because of the background as the streets look so empty and the air kind of foggy what makes it looking so dramatic, like in an apocalypse. Or like in a snowy scenery in Tamriel. Hell damn I play too much lately. Just finished the main story as I got stuck in the side quests :D 

I'm really proud of my best friend who took the pictures. He's really getting better and better with each photo series


  1. the gloomy streets look amazing with this look and i cant get enough of killstars footwear, its so killer?!


    1. Thank you so much!! And yes their footwear is to die for. Always waited for that day ♥


  2. Love this outfit it's so cute, especially the hoodie. Love the socks as well and omg the boots are to die for!

    skinnydecxflatte.blogspot.com xo

    1. Thank you baby ♥♥ you are so sweet ♥

  3. I love this outfit on you so much!! It looks so amazing and that hair makes you look like a dark princess <3
    Kinga xxx

  4. Aaaaah, I love all your outfits! And omg this boots are amazing!!

    Relics of Lara