Running Wild

Hey Guys!

I know this comes late but I totally forgot to share my adventures with you when I was in Rostock back in October.

I have been there from the 6th to the 12th as I wanted to shoot for a very amazing brand which I have discovered recently. I'm really excited about this collaboration as I haven't seen this brand somewhere else before and feel so happy to let you know about them to all of you guys! So I'm going to write a bit about my time there even if nothing much happened regarding the weather. Also I have to admit that my social anxiety got me a bit again there. Especially at cold and dark days, what was the case everyday. So it was a pain in the ass to get myself out to shoot the things. But I had loads of fun with my sister and we made the best out of it!

On the first day we had to go to the custom house to pick up the package from VII&Co, the brand which I took the photos for. The journey took us like three hours there and back as it is so far away from everything ugh. Of course it also started to rain so it was quite uncomfortable to carry a huge package around the area. Then being back we had to go to another post office too to pick up more stuff.

On Saturday we went to Warnemünde. Here again everything changed concerning the weather. One step closer to the sea the wind blew away my beanie so it was seriously impossible to shoot there :( We went back and tried to search for another windless place where we came through a small alley in front of the black door which you can see in the photos. Had a coffee break afterwards and went back home again. 

Vegan Twin Zipper Leather Jacket - VII&CO
Xavier Choker - Regalrose
Sweater - Lapko(from my sister)
Denim Snow Wash Jeans - VII&CO
Fishnet Tights - H&M similar here
Vegan Platform Buckle Boots - VII&CO

On Sunday still dark, even darker and colder than the day before we wanted to shoot another outfit. It's the green cutout top which you can see in the photos. It's actually a two piece with a very comfy and loose shorts but I couldn't wear it on this day. I'm also wearing red eyeshadow to this look for the grungy highlight! The choker and the belt match together.

Ring O Choker - Tibbs and Bones
Vegan Twin Zipper Leather Jacket , Loose Cutout Top, Twin Rings Waist Belt - VII&CO
Purple Scarf - TK Maxx similar here
Black Jeans - Monki similar here
Vegan Platform Buckle Boots - VII&CO

On Monday we had an appointment and ran around the area a bit. I wore my Long Clothing Varsity Jacket from their newest collection on this day which you can see on the photos. Just look at the damn weather, can you feel the freezing air?

On Tuesday it felt like night all day long, so dark. I spend the time writing for my blog and working at the computer. Later visited my dad and spent the night there to take my bus on Wednesday at 11 am back to Leipzig.

Well I'm always happy to be on the road especially to work on shootings and fashion and also to see my family and friends. I tried to make the best out of the circumstances regarding the weather as this is a very important base for photography and shootings. It always affects my mood too, means I didn't felt very well physically and couldn't overcome my fear to meet people. At least I could spend time with my family that's the most important thing.


  1. O M J! You are so cute and this photos are amazing! I am still wondering why there are just a few comments?! Your blog is really great and i think it should be more popular. In Poland (my country) there are so many blogs and they aren't as good as yours but they have a looots of followers, but i think you deserved to have more followers. Why people don't see your blog?

    1. Thank you so much. I don't know why, I would do much more on here if I would get more feedback to be honest. People are just focused on my Instagram. I guess I don't put enough advertisement into my blog. I don't really leave comments on other blogs, don't "try so hard" to get noticed. And maybe because I'm not even completely satisfied with my blog for myself. Really need to get an own url, maybe switching to Wordpress too. Things are strange sometimes.