Vegan Candy Treats For Yourself And Your Bathroom

Hey Guys! 

I just came back home from my Budapest and Berlin trip yesterday and some packages waited for me at home. One of them is from Stvdio5 which I want review for your today! Maybe you have seen my unboxing video on Instagram Stories already. Stvdio5 is an in Sheffield based brand who makes handmade, cruelty-free and vegan cosmetics and treats like bath bombs, soap, face-masks and candles. All of the ingredients are pure nature. 

The pure Organic Oil includes three of the most enriching oils which are hazelnut oil, organic Argan oil and organic avocado oil. You can use it for both, body and hair. I will probably use it for my hair since I use pure Argan oil already daily. I'm really excited for this one cause it combines even more natural oils which will nourish my hair!

This is one of their bathing bombs and probably the most famous product as seen in Vogue too. Designed like a luxurious cupcake with scents of chamomile, milk and almonds. You can use it for like three baths.

Shower Soap in 

Madame Chocolate(Milk Chocolate and Cinnamon) and 

Cappuccino(Coffee Sweet Vanilla)

You can use these soaps for showering. I haven't unpacked them yet but you can see their design on the website. Update: I have tried out the Cappuccino soap yesterday evening when I took a bath and I really like it all in over. There are coffee pieces inside so you can use it like a scrub. The smell reminded me more of vanilla than coffee but still great. It also dried out my skin a bit like it always does when I use products with caffeine but if you put coconut oil or the pure oil from above on your skin afterwards it is super smooth again!

Perfect for the cold winter weather out there. It comes in a little Maccaron designed box which is perfect for your jacket pocket!

These lil buddies are the perfect Christmas gifts and treats for your beloved ones. To me it has an intense smell of fresh peppermint!

This product is probably my favorite from all since I'm getting so weak when it comes to candles, especially in the cold season. The design is so super cute and I love that you have the cute cap to close it again and to keep it save! I have lightened it up yesterday already and I felt in trance because of that amazing smell which has filled my room with pure love and gave me a festive warm feeling from inside. Chocolaty, sweet with scents of vanilla and brown sugar. Unfortunately the chocolate on top melted away, but turned into a beautiful golden glittery lake on top of the white base ♥

I'm just so unbelievable happy about each of the products. The people from Stvdio5 are also all so super kind and lovely which is very important to me these days. Thank you so much for everything! Please give them a visit on their website and check out their Instagram. I would totally get some more gifts for my family to Christmas as it's very special and you can't get it anywhere else, for an affordable price, vegan, handmade and full with love and positive vibes!

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