Coffee For The Soul

Photos by Light Mind Photograhy

Vegan Leather Jacket - VII & Co
Beanie - Accessorize 
Glasses - VIU Eyewear

Last weekend was really fun. I had planned a shooting for Sunday together with Chris and photographer Marvin, but the Saturday evening was unplanned though and we ended up with a very spontaneous drunken but funny evening together with some friends at his place :D Despite we were a bit hangover it was such a wonderful Sunday. After the shooting we went to Café Kater where the second picture was taken. I had a warming coffee with oat milk. The glasses which I'm wearing is from VIU. I have picked up my new one today from the store which you'll see in future too(or you have seen it on my Snapchat already). Afterwards we went to the Vleischerei, which is a vegan locality offering burgers, Vöner and stuff like that. We took a couple pictures before(first picture) and grabbed something to eat. It was the first shooting time with Marvin, also the first time that I had a male model at my side which was seriously so amazing. You will definitely see us together in the future shootings too since I have organized something for another brand :) This weekend I'm going to Berlin again followed by a day at the Inreach on Monday. Maybe I will meet some known blogger faces here and there. 
Enjoy your weekend guys! ♥


  1. In one of your new photo on insta you look very good! I am thinking, how do you do your photo like that one with diamonds? You just make photo by yourself ahead the window? How you do such a beautiful color and right focus?

    1. Thank you so much. I just take them for myself, tripod and selftimer that's it :) It looks easier than it is, cause right focus and good lightning takes times and skills.

  2. You look like kiitenymph =)
    Do you know her?

  3. Obsessed. Such gorgeous visuals.