Uniqso Review

Today I'm reviewing two new wigs from Uniqso. You can see the very first from them in this post and here which is actually my first short wig ever. Now I got me a second one from the character Kaede Kayano! The color is a beautiful greenish-blue. It also has two additional pieces which you can clip into the hair so it looks like you have two tails on each side. I love that cause it gives you much more possibilities! 

Hair - Uniqso
Lipstick - Limecrime Velvetines in "Wicked"
Rune Choker - Witch Worldwide
Mesh Dress - Disturbia
Bra & Pentagram Harness - Killstar

Logo Beanie - Long Clothing
Lipstick - Limecrime Velvetines in "Teddy Bear"
Black Mirror Tee - Genishihara
Crop Sweater from below - Queen of Darkness via Attitude Clothing

The second wig is this pastel Lolita Wig. The cut is great so the color but it doesn't suit me that much I think. This one would go great for specific cosplays or very light pastel looks! I will definitely try to cut a fringe like on the pictures from the websites :) Again, I can really recommend Uniqso's wigs since they are very affordable and you have such an awesome range of different pieces. They are different to lace-front wigs but totally great for that price!