Cozy Up Your Fall Home

Fall and winter means you will probably spend much more time at home, maybe like I do with animes, video games or Netflix and coffee in bed. That is why it is so important to make your home or room to a very cozy place where you feel comfortable and secure. I want to show you my place how it looks right now and the things that I have added over the time. It's not finished yet but I'd like to give you some ideas already and next to it I want to show you some other the things which I have got from Ankit.

Some important gadgets for a cozy place are:

- candles
- incense sticks
- little plants
- relaxing music
- lights and small light strings
- cozy and warm bedding, blankets and loads of pillows
- your favorite video games, animes and series
- art prints or photos of memories and things you love on your wall
- cozy clothes like oversized shirts/flannel from your boyfriend(or maybe not :D)
- a mug of hot chocolate or, my personal favorite, hot pear juice with cream and cinnamon :3

The first thing I got from Ankit is this cool K Light which has found a place in my Kitchen. There's a little switch at the side so you can easily turn it on and off whenever you like.

The second thing is this cute Cactus Charger Combo. You have a cable plus two different chargers in one, one for your car and the other one for your wall. So here in Germany I can't use the wall charger since we have different sockets but I'll take this one with me whenever I'm traveling around :) The design is just so super cute and you treat your phone with this cute gadget! 

Thirdly I got a little additional present, it's a Succulent Car Air Freshener! I don't own a car so I can't use it for its usual purpose but it has a place over my desk now :) Succulents are little goddesses to me! 

Lastly, my favorite thing from all is this super duper cute Cat Mug which I already have in black, also from Ankit and now got me the pink one as well! It's just a MUST HAVE in your kitchen when you are a cat lover like me. It is also available in white so I definitely know what I'll get next x) Right now I keep little things like patches, buttons and USB flash drives in it.

Incense sticks fill your room with a nice smell and protect it against bad vibes. I'm using it regularly for cleansing, especially when I feel not in balance with my surrounding. Candles are the collector points of light and calmness in your room, the same with strings which are like the modern and safer helper.

Pretty bedding and loads of pillows turn your bed into a little soft heaven. I have bought this super cute cat bedding online recently, I just couldn't resist! Fits perfectly to the black and white cat pillow which is from Ikea. I definitely need some more pretty pillows as I love to put my head into a pile of softness. You can also see my photo and art wall including pieces from Elisapina, Ginnakae, Sarah Thursday, Rosey Jones, own drawings and a couple of business cards and stickers from brands I worked together with.

Apart form these things I really need to show you this absolutely beautiful gem that I got in my mail. You have might spied it in the first picture already. There's a wonderful Norwegian Lady Ida, living in Berlin now, follows her passion and makes her own glass terrariums which are available at her business Vulpis Vulpis!

I have been searching for these glass terrariums like everywhere and never found the perfect ones. Mostly they are made with golden frames which just don't fit into my room. I also found a couple ones on Etsy but most of them are so damn expensive or they have to be shipped from all over the world whereto I'm just afraid that it breaks throughout their travel adventure. The delivery of this Teardrop Glass baby took one day only and the quality can't be any better! Also, I know that a lot of people own these little cacti plants from Ikea. They fit perfectly into the terrarium like you can see in my pictures :) Please check out Ida's Website and Instagram, it would means a lot to her and also to me!! 

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