My Christmas in Slovenia

Hey everyone! 

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas time! Probably very calm and peaceful like it is in most cases, same to me even if I was in Slovenia surrounded by so exciting things. It was my first time there, also my first Christmas without my sister. It was a wonderful experience and I'm happy that my friend took me with him. I left on Tuesday to Berlin already and we arrived in Slovenia on Thursday morning after a 10 hour ride with the car. I'm proud to say that I didn't slept at all so I could enjoy the breathtaking clear night sky covered with sparkly stars. There were also loads of snowy mountains when we drove through Austria. That gave me flashbacks and good old memories of my last class trip back in time to the alps where we were skiing. Miss it so much ♥

At like 10 am we finally arrived at my friend's family house and took a couple hours of sleep till like three. Then later went to his old piercings studio where we meet a couple of his friends. Got welcomed with a nice cup of oat milk coffee. It came along with a glass of water what I haven't experienced in Germany before. Surprisingly not even the coffee was so good, no, even the water tastes so much nicer over there. Doesn't wonders me why you get it for free all the time :P

On the next day we went back to the café and piercing studio again, met up with friends and took a short walk through Celje the town we stayed in. Later we bought lunch and I got myself a vegan Dürüm with seitan and soy meat at Loving Hut. It tastes very nice, especially the mayonnaise inside was great!

In the evening even more friends came, we partied and drank loads of mulled wine and different kinds of alcohol at once at the studio :D one very popular thing there is blueberry liquor called Borovničevec. It was awesome but did I already mentioned Slovenian? The language is really beautiful but it's such a struggle when you can't understand anything, just sitting there, watching the gestures, listening and hoping for one word you can understand so you approximately know what at least the topic is :D A few people could speak English and even German though so I had a couple of nice conversations. We left the party in the night and went to relatives on the next day where we baked vegan stuff. Raw avocado chocolate cake and "Cremeschnitte". I was so happy and thankful about the open mind and felt so welcomed and respected . After that we wanted to explore the local caves but unfortunately it was closed and also so dark outside anyway. In general the days were super dark so I didn't took any photos. I just posted on my Instagram Story in case you have followed it. We planned to go to Ljubljana too but just took rest in the evening. 

On Sunday the last day my friend's grandma had her birthday and we celebrated it together with Christmas with the whole family who came to our house. At three in the night we left again. Took a stop in Prague too as it was on the way. There was this one flower shop with blue roses I felt in love with ugh. We just drank a coffee at Costa Coffee for an hour and headed off to Leipzig where I arrived at home. First thing I did was to take a hot bath with candles and music by "The Streets" :D

I hope this post didn't bored the shit out of you as people prefer to look at pictures instead of reading. But to write something really importantly down - I have enjoyed every single day without any fears and this is the best thing that happened to me in a long time. So much new things at once beginning with a ten hour car ride, a whole new family and people in another country with a foreign language is such a huge deal to me and I had not a single moment of anxiety at all. It just makes me so super happy cause it makes me feeling stronger and safer for planned travel trips next year.