There's No Place Like Home

'S' Emblem Beanie - Spineless Apparel
Turquoise Stone Necklace - Second Hand similar here
Wizard Tee - Spineless Apparel
Fishnet Tights - H&M similar here and here
Vegan Wulfrun Triple Platform Creepers - Underground

Casual and simple outfit to me but it has much more in it than it maybe looks. When I first saw the stuff from Spineless Apparel I had to think about some magical movies and childhood memories immediately. The Wizard of OZ in the beanie and Harry Potter on the shirt. The Sorting Hat on the front and Dumbledore on the back. I just love these things so much and that is why I see so much emotion in these clothes. My friend Chris took these pictures in our local university. It was very cold on that day I tell you. We warmed up with mulled wine and other hot alcoholic beverages before. It is impossible to take pictures outside lately, not only because it is cold but the sun is down again faster than you can look. The lightning here in the university is just perfect. I will probably go back there again and try to search for some some different corners to shoot!