Purple - The Passionate Sister of Black

Purple Hair - Donalovehair
Sweety Lenses - Uniqso
Matte Lipstick - Feral in Beach Bum & Mauve Along
Hellda Knit Dress - Killstar
Necklace, Hat & Socks - Killstar
Black Matte Rings - The Rogue & The Wolf

So much of my loved things in one look. This dress is my newest addition in my closet and also my absolutely new favorite because it's knitted so perfect for winter! I also love the wide sleeves and the distressed look, so witchy like straight from the coven! I think I will wear this on Christmas Eve. Do you already know what to wear throughout the Christmas days or do you prefer to stay cozy not thinking much about it? :)
The striped socks are also new on Killstar's website. That purple is one of my favorite colors is not necessary to mention I guess. To me it is like black but with a power and passion inside. That is why I love this new Donalovehair wig so much!! It's so super soft and full of life ♥


  1. OMG! One of my favorites wig!
    Loved so much

    Relíquias da Lara

  2. I have got to say that this outfit is definitely one of my favourites by you! Loveee the wig <3

    skinnydecxflatte.blogspot.com xo