My Trip To Budapest Part Two

I hope you have read my first part of my Budapest trip already, if not, do it! 
On the second day we went to our favorite café called Ecocafé for the second time where we had a nice breakfast. My friend bought a slice of cake and I went for a vegan croissant, which was probably the best croissant I had ever in my life. So damn soft, warm and delish!! Along with a wonderful oat milk coffee :)

Then we explored the area and came across a small Christmas market. There were small booths with self-made things like knitted presents, candles, wooden figures, potteries and loads of different candy which you can see below. It was so cold on that day we had to make a break in another cafè where I had a Gingerbread Latté with soy milk. We also needed wifi to check some things :D There was also a Dr. Martens store with this cool Adventure Time design boots, felt so in love!

We followed a very expensive-looking street with stores like Burberry, Louis Vuitton or Scotch & Soda and Gucci where you can see the entry of it with the statues above. Then finally we arrived at the Cat Café which a cute girl on Instagram recommended me, thank you so so much once again!! I don't even know where to begin, the cats were all just too cute ♥ All in one there are, I can't remember exactly but I think it was like twelve cats. Most of them were sleeping on the heatings or on the cat trees. One cutie next to a table also had a little box. She looked like a little queen in it, even if the box was kinda too small haha :D Of course you can also sit there while drinking coffee or eating cake. They just had nothing vegan for me in there though. You can also buy cat-related stuff like mugs, figures, shirts and tote bags with super cute prints. Was close to buy a shirt for myself.

Then after being out there I saw a lady in front of me on the street with that cute bag, just had to take a picture :D Streetstyle is amazing!

We explored another bigger Christmas market. My friend bought a very typical Hungarian speciality called Lángos which is fried bread topped with sour cream and even more grated cheese. I couldn't find anything nice for myself there so came across the locality called Fruccola who have a few vegan options. Got myself the only possibility from the lunch menu which was Split Pea and Eggplant Curry and it was, holy shit, damn good! Unfortunately I went in there with my first and only panic attack which I had over the time and the waitress was the most unfriendly one I had on the whole trip. At least the food cured it, thank god!

Afterwards it got so dark outside already so we strolled through the market and came along Vega City, a completely vegan locality. Unfortunately we weren't hungry at all anymore but will definitely check that place out next time! They had loads of different stuff and it was so cheap. Also I spied these boots below in one Zara store window and was like "Hey, why didn't I came up with this idea earlier?" Putting buttons and patches on your simple boots, how cool is that? Really need to keep that in mind!

On the way back to the tattooist we came across another supermarket, I think it was Coop, which I wanted to check out as I was searching for the Strawberry Cheesecake Oreos which I have discovered the day before, just was unsure if they are vegan at that time but they are!! And they taste fucking amazing! Also I came across this heaven in a glass, peanut butter and hazelnut cocoa spread(BEST COMBO), seriously I died when I saw it is vegan, what an accident again! Too bad that I couldn't take it with me because of the plane :'((

Below was in another store. It was all about candy and treats from all over the world. I really loved the little instant coffees from We Are Little's. Havana Rum or Maple Walnut flavour, damn! Might order something online from there later(or maybe even all of them for the coffee addict over here :D)

We ended the day with a visit of the tattooist and had nice dinner together with him at a Chinese place. On the next morning we had to wake up at half past 5 again to get our flight at like 8 back to Berlin where I spent three more days like literally every weekend. All in one, the trip was short but so amazing. We had the best weather and we weren't bored at all, also not under time pressure or so. We saw wonderful places and had an amazing time :) We will definitely go there beginning next year together again.

Feel free to leave me comments for places which you can recommend next time, also if you have any other questions left or just tell me your experiences that you had in Budapest! 


  1. It is so weird to read about your experience in Budapest and seeing photo's of the streets/places I also know and walked by.
    I'm sorry that that waitress wasn't nice :-(, and that you had a panic attack (I understand you). It probably doesn't help, but just try to stay as calm as possible at any time, and try not to think of what others might think about you or what others might do to you... You're amazing, no matter what happens - I hope you know that too! When people might act stupid towards you (hopefully not!) they are just jealous (and they are People: 'not the nicest creatures alive') of you because you're 'different/unique/a beautiful witch. Just stay yourself and don't let 'panic attacks' or anything similar take control over you. You have the power, you know the spells, you can create anything you need/like.

    Have a very Nice and Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year (for later). x.