Purple Beanie - Accessorize similar here and here
Neutral Tee - The Ragged Priest
Vegan Leather Jacket - VII & Co
Black Coat - Vintage(bought in Budapest at Szputnyik) similar here
Leash Jean - The Ragged Priest
Pink Suede & Faux Fur Mondo Creepers - T.U.K. via Goodbyebread

When you create an outfit and there's are little color matching details in each clothing piece! ♥ That is why I love this look so much! I struggled a lot to combine the pink creepers at the beginning. But then The Ragged Priest surprised me with some goodies which solved the problem! I haven't owned something from them before and I have to say I'm so damn impressed of their quality. The jeans also fits perfectly and the lace is so rad. Also the sweatshirt is so super comfy and I love the choker detail. Can't get enough of this brand ♥ I'm also wearing a vintage coat which I have bought back in Budapest under my favorite leather jacket. All in over a very comfy look! My face looks quite funny in the pictures as I was so happy to hang out with my best friend again. Also people passed all the time along with an old lady who stood there and smiled at me what was contagious hehe :D ♥

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