MXCI The Blood Moon Witch

Photos taken by Mandy Menz

Top Hat - H&M similar here
Blood Moon Necklace and Hand Chain - Stay Gold
Witchcraft Midi Dess - MXCI
Vegan Boots - Dr. Martens

These photos were taken by my sister Mandy Menz at the IGA in Rostock, a really lovely area full of green places and old cultural buildings. We shot a couple of different outfits, one of them in this Witchcraft Dress from MXCI. It's like my first little black dress ever and the Pentagram one the back makes it to something really special, perfect for a witch like me. I wear it along with a Blood Moon Crescent Necklace from Stay Gold. The stone is quite big so I thought it looks great on simple black and elegant fabric. I'm wearing the dress to Dr. Martens but I'm sure it will look even better with platforms. Just didn't had any with me as I was on travel tour, also explains my messy hair in here haha but I kinda like it, wild like a pixie! 
Stay tuned for the other photos and outfits! ♥


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    1. Thank you so much :** It's so lovely I know ♥

  2. So beautiful *-* I love your outfit and the photos are so pretty!

  3. Oh my what a babe!!! Love your style doll.
    Sophie, R+W