Let Me Explain, But In A Different Way

Communication has always been a really fearful but fascinating topic to me. Whenever I have to speak in class or face to face, not to mention in front of big crowds of people, only alone thinking about it makes me feeling shaky and dizzy. I thought it will change when I'm getting older but it's something I still haven't learned. Putting my feelings into photography, words and fashion was the cure for my need to release what's going on in my head. Whenever you worry about your fear when it comes to use your voice remember you are not the only one. Communication is so much more than just speaking through your mouth. I'm honest about this topic to people, don't feel ashamed anymore and accept my strength and weakness. Imagine the world would only consist of writers or speakers only, maybe this world exists somewhere but it's either without voice and language or books and literature. Both such wonderful things I'm thankful for their existence and that I'd miss despite my own weaknesses. Some people need a camera to capture pictures and others draw to release their energy. What would this world be without art and photography, oh no, let's not think about this. All of these things form a special kind of communication, one chose you to fulfill your need. Be thankful if you are not a speaker like me as the more power lays in another strength over which you have the completely power 💜 

Express Hoodie from my one and only Sarah Thursday ❤️

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  1. I really understand what you feel when a lot of people is watching you, i feel this way everyday at school when i have to read, answer something or when a teacher asks me to do something in the whiteboard. I just can't say anything and i get so nervous and my face turns red, i look like a tomatoe haha. But i have teachers who know it and they don't ask me when theres's so many people. This year i have a teacher who is a catholic priest, he's awesome! I'm not a religious girl but he always make us write free compositions about feelings like sadness, love, hate, etc. where we can express what we want. I like to paint, and there is where i find the place to express myself and what i feel even if nobody sees the paintings. I think you are awesome and it makes me happy to know that you can express yourself and be happy! :)