Oversized Vintage Denim

Oversized Vintage Denim Shirt - Thrifted similar here or here
Gym Bag - Long Clothing
Constellation Tee - Shadowplaynyc
Leggings - H&M
Wulfrun Triple Platform Creepers - Underground via Asos
Balance Ring - Regalrose
Purple Vintage Ring - Cherry Diva
Cat Fam Brooch - Ocean Box

Purple is not only one of my favorite colors, it also goes so well together with light denim which I have both combined together in this outfit. Along with some pretty vintage rings, purple toned vintage glasses and of course a purple scarf. The Oversized Constellation Tee from Shadowplaynyc under a denim shirt, a gem which I found on the flea market a while ago but didn't wore it out yet until now. It is so damn comfy! I put a handmade cat brooch on it too which is from Ocean Box. I think you can never go wrong with denim and it will never gets boring as it fits great to every style!