Denim Dungaree Dress

Crescent Moon Necklace - Blackmoon
Denim Dungaree Dress - Thrifted
Vintage Blouse - Thrifted
Grey Bodycon Dress - H&M
Tunisian Shoulder Bag - Vintage Gift
Platform Shoes - Loud Look

Oh well once again the denim vibes but this is another piece that I thrifted a while ago but never wore before. This is actually a dungaree dress. I love the cut and the buttons so much! Here I'm wearing it over a simple grey dress with layered necklaces and a vintage blouse wrapped around my waist to put more expression into it. A simple and super comfy summer look!


  1. you are such an inspiring person! :) I like all your posts :D you always find amazing thrifted stuff!

    I have seen your instagram lately and I realized by that post with the Kill Star Necklace with your spirit animal theme that I bought the raven/crow claw necklace a week ago. After I read your post I wondered what mine might be... and taaada...*lol* thats no coincidence! is it? amazing. Sorry for the OT. :)

    Have a nice week. ❤

    1. This is so lovely omg thank you ♥

      Aww how cool!! Thanks for sharing it with me, I love such coincidences and it's not OT at all I'm really thankful :) The Claw Necklaces from them are both so beautiful, I would probably buy one too but I don't know which one as both are so breathtaking ♥

      Have a beautiful week too lovely soul ♥♥