Lunar Tides Hair Dye - Magic For Your Hair

It is actually quite important to me to try out as much as possible in my life, especially with my hair. Wearing wigs has saved my creativity cravings and also my hair condition but I'm thinking about doing something new to my white hair as well, just that I become chicken-hearted as it became to a really personal part of myself.

I came across the shop Lunar Tides that sells vegan and cruelty-free hair dye. What I love about these dye is the rad design of the pots which are so witchy and grungy to me! Secondly the hair colors - there's a range of smokey colors in the store which I find so pretty. It looks very stylish and grown-up, not too striking like the usual shades. Next to it you have a selection of pastel colors and neon hair dye, also sets to create an ombré look.

I decided for three colors in

I haven't tried out any of the colors yet but you will do it as soon as I can overcome my fear. I will probably start to dip dye my hair to see how the colors work for me. You can also find inspiration on Instagram

Which is your personal favorite? And do you plan do give your hair a new color in future too? 
If you want to try out these colors too use my code KIMIPERI to receive 10% off till the 15th of July at Lunar Tides


  1. Colours look so so beautiful *-* I think I'll try them!

  2. Did you try the silver linings? I have bleached hair and I'm wanting to get my hair silver/grey and I'm looking for something that works. I've tried arctic fox and my hair went blue..