Hey Guys! 

Today I want to show you what I got from the lovely ladies Hannah and Nikita from Octopug. They make customized jewelry like necklaces, hair pieces, chokers and rings, phone cases, even decor, all handmade with love! It's really different and special from other things and definitely an eye catcher. You can tell them your wishes and ideas and they'll create an unique gem for you. Most of the pieces are inspired by anime characters or other characters from games and movies.

I have asked for a Sebastian Necklace as I love him so much, Black Butler is one of my favorite animes too! Yes my Lord ♥♥

Secondly I have an obsession with Animal Crossing as most of you should know already, guess what happened:

With a fitting apple ring that reminds me so much of Animal Crossing too. Apples have been my starter fruits in both games, Wild World and New Leaf ♥

They also made me a Lace Choker with L from Death Note ♥

And added more pretty chokers

It's wonderful that each piece keeps this special Ocotopug design. Gaudy but in a positive way. I like to combine it with a very simple outfit, black or white colors and one of these gems around my neck. If you go nuts for kawaii stuff and pastel colors you will love it! You'll see me wearing and styling the pieces in future outfits. Meanwhile check out their Website or find them on Instagram!


  1. Amazing unique jewelry! x

    1. Thank you so much Josefin! ♥♥