The Slytherin Witch


Witchy Hat - H&M similar here
Mystic Crop Top - Black Hope Curse
Velvet Plum Shorts - MXCI


White Cat Lenses - Lens Flavors
Green Jupiter Lipstick - Goodbye Bread
Turquoise Stone Pendant - Shop Chokers
Crescent Moon Necklace - Black Moon
"Witch" Ring - Tokyo Humanexperiments
Snape's Wand - Gift from my best friend

Duuhh this outfit man, I don't know what happened with me but I could totally feel it! My inner spirit animal the snake wanted to play with my feelings and mind so I grabbed my new stuff and put this look together. I don't even know what I should love more about all of this. The velvet shorts in my favorite color or the crazy cool lipstick which fits perfect to my hair! The lenses are my first ones from this kind. I will write an extra post about them as well later where I review it and tell you my honest opinion. Not to forget the cool "Witch" ring from Tokyo Humanexperiments. It's customized and I'm wearing it all the time lately like it's actually a part of myself ♥
All in one it was so much fun and the best thing of course is definitely Snape's wand with that my best friend surprised me a week ago. I'm so happy about it and use it for my practices too x) 
And yes I'm definitely a Slytherin ♥


  1. Loving this outfit! <3
    Kinga x