The Power Of Hands

Hair - Uniwigs
Vegan Americana Moto Jacket - UNIF
Hands Shirt - Shop Kozy
Denim Shorts - Thrifted

Hands are simply pure art and expression. All the things you have touched and done. History. You can bend and form them and create so much emotion with just one figure. Most forms of art like writing, drawing and witchcraft run from your head into your fingers. The control and power you have in each of them. You can pet but also beat, from love to pain all that collected in your tiny hands. Each body is filled with pure energy and hands are, next to eyes, like one of the strongest collection points to me.

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  1. A very beautiful description of the deep meaning of hands. And, of course, I didn't expect any less from you. x

    I hope you're having a great day and had great days in the past and will have great days in the future. As you deserve.

    + I also really like the shirt with the different hands on it.