I Can See...

Photos by Mandy Menz

"I Can See" Shirt - Killstar
Pentagram Maxi Dress - MXCI
Vegan Boots - Dr. Martens

As already mentioned earlier I did a shooting for new Killstar stuff too. This outfit happened quite spontaneous as I wanted to change my clothes and randomly combined the dress I wore before with this shirt from Killstar. It looks really cool to me and it's very comfy as well! Combined it with my favorite Dr. Martens. We shot the pictures in front of the house of a Chinese garden. Such a beautiful location ♥


  1. Woah, ich bin gerade total hin und weg von deinem neuen Tattoo!
    Ich hoffe, du kannst den Sommer genießen, ich freu mich immer tierisch, wenn ich neue Posts von dir sehe <3

    Hdl Eulchen

    1. Wow Dankeschön das freut mich wirklich sehr ♥
      Der Sommer ist bis jetzt wirklich super, ich hoffe deiner natürlich auch :)

      Liebe Grüße :*

  2. Loved the photos and your hair and your tattoos!! *u*

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    Relíquias da Lara

  3. wow! I am loving this look so much! Its so simple yet unique! Great job!
    Kinga x

  4. Such an awesome idea to combine the two!! Looks BRILLIANT.