Urban Grunge

Americana Moto Jacket - UNIF
Scarf - Calvin Klein
Muse Destroyed Tank - Petals and Peacocks
Jeans Vest - Wrangler(Thrifted) 
Plaid Shirt - H&M(Thrifted)
Vintage Backpack - Flea Market
Wulfrun Platform Creepers - Underground

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Wow the sun is finally out here and the days full of sunshine become more intense! I was out with a friend this day and we took some quick spontaneous photos as I wanted to teach him a bit about streetstyle photography and to get him the feeling of holding a camera. I'm really happy as he's moving to my town now and I finally know a trusting person here! Things will hopefully become more interesting and I also hope for better outdoor photos again as I'm getting so tired of the same stuff. This outfit is again just my simple, comfy and usual style. Layering things in different materials combined with my favorite triple platforms :)