Death Note

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"The best things to wear are the ones that exhibit your personality" is one of my favorite personal quotes that always comes up in my mind when I think about fashion. Speaking about this anime is really exciting for me as I know that the people who haven't seen Death Note yet might don't understand what I'm speaking about. And that happens for everything, also other movies or different topics so it's automatically knowledge and gives you so much character. I will never come up to the idea that watching animes is a waste of time, nope, it's like you read a book, just that you don't read but listen, watch, think and learn. 
I got this Death Note Tee with Light and Ryuk on it pretty much at the same time as my Death Note arrived. I wanted to make the book to a diary where I write down my thoughts, little poems, dreams and other things but I would break all the given rules. I honestly believe in such vibes and conspiracies so I take it really serious. I wonder what would it be like if I use it as my own diary? You maybe know what will happen when you think deeper and somehow it is really great.
Anyway, if you haven't seen Death Note yet you should really give it a try. It's a big must seen in the anime world and it won't get easily out of your mind again, believe me! 
Would you ever use your Death Note and if yes, more for your personal purpose or more like L does, to change the world for power and justice?


  1. That Tee and Death Note 'Diary' are so amazing (but you're of course wonderful). I actually just started Death Note and I haven't seen much of it yet, but I already liked it from the beginning and yeah. I really like that you're going to use the Death Note as a Diary, it's a great idea! You know, I don't 'follow' you that long, but, and I know that I've said it before, but I 'Understand' You, I really do, of course I can't look into your mind and things like that, but I really see 'You', as you are, from the inside --- sorry, this might seem weird, but it's just the truth, I guess. Anyway, Hope you're doing (a little) better/okay. x