Anime Babe

Choker - Suckered Apparel via Tibbs and Bones(+ DIY Harness)
Anime Babes Crop Top - Tibbs and Bones
Skater Skirt - Thrifted(Adidas)
Fishnet Tights - H&M similar here

Animes became to a very important part of myself as I connect it with lots of knowledge, time, joy and happiness. I remember the day when I started to join these beautiful worlds, beginning with Elfen Lied what was the best decision I could make as that anime is damn good! Wearing a few of the Evangelion babes on my top now makes me feel so comfortable and lucky. I love to wear things that describe my personality! The sporty Adidas skirt is from a thrift store in my town and got it for like 50 cents. The choker from Tibbs and Bones came along with the crop top as well and I don't know how I came to the idea to turn it into a harness but dang it looks so cool! I love those randomly popping ideas that come to me throughout a shooting. This happened here and I totally love it! ♥


  1. Perfect outfit, love your crop top so so much!

  2. Yeah, animes are really great! Unfortunately, I don't watch that much because I have other things to focus on, like school (ugh) and other stuff.. so that's not 'good'. Anyway, you look marvellous as always and you are just truly beautiful, sorry, these are the only things I can say, but it's just the absolute truth. I hope you had a good day today and that your day, tomorrow, will be wonderful. - Always stay your beautiful, unique self and never let yourself bring down, you're strong and everything will be amazing - x

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  4. Where is the wig from? :)

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