Regal Rose - SS16 A Dark Lure Collection

AWAN Black Mother of Pearl Ring
AVIS Temple Ring

One of my favorite brands has launched their new jewelry line called A Dark Lure, one of their darkest collections which takes inspiration from the mystery and beauty of nature. I always have troubles to find fitting rings, small enough for my tiny fingers but these always fit perfectly. The designs are dark, witchy but noble at the same time with a touch of vintage like made for a goddess. My jewelry always comes in a package filled with wonderful smelling dried rose petals. The whole vibe of Regal Rose is simply heartwarming to me, from their pictures to the high-quality jewelry in sterling silver, not to forget their lovely customer care! Have a look at their new collection featuring the black mother of pearl as well, I'm sure you'll love it as much as I do! I decided for these three pieces which you can see in the photos above ♥


  1. I always have troubles to find small rings too! I hate it when i see something i like but it is too big for me

    1. It is so annoying I know, especially because I can't live without rings and most of the cool beautiful vintage rings are made for bigger fingers :( That's why I love this brand so much! :)

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