Book of Spells

Purple Velvet Cardigan - Thrifted
Book of Spells Bag - Dolls Kill
Symbol Pendant - Black Tied
Pentagram Tights - Dolls Kill
Customized Ghibli Jiji Nails - Rave Nailz
Platform Creepers - Underground

Witch essentials from the weekend rituals. This bag is literally the perfect piece for a raving witch who needs to store her personal stuff with style. Of course Jiji is with me on my nails as well. Have you seen the movie Kiki's Delivery Service? Definitely one of my favorites from the Ghibli line! Now I just need my broom to fly far away from this place. By the way if I'm writing about flying, I will be on the road(or in the sky) from today on to visit a few friends. Heading over to Berlin followed by Rostock and back. I'm really excited and I hope for good weather, positivity and anxiety-free days. 
Say hello or scream if you spy a strange flying thing in the sky, but please don't throw a brick to me ♥