Flower Girl

Leopard Beret - La Moda
Flower Girl Shirt - Shein(Mkimiperi15 for 15% off)
Ring Harness Belt - Tommy Vowles
Gradient Skirt
Tights - Amazon
Bag - Vintage
Platform Boots - VII & Co.

"Wear what you feel" is one of my favorite attitudes which follows me throughout my life since my childhood already. It's fascinating how little things or changes within your outfits can make an impact to the whole impression other people get from you. I made it to an experiment throughout the years. Noticed how people react to specific things such as accessories whether I wear glasses or not, if I wear red lipstick or berry pink or go for tights instead of baggy pants. It might sound a bit pathetic and obsessive but for me it's philosophy and the result is that everything truly comes from the inside at the end. Sure there are differences and people will stare if you wear rainbow glasses instead of a black one. But don't get crazy over it but listen to your inside. The biggest change how people see you is when you feel comfortable with yourself. If you went for the bright blue makeup because you wanted to or if you got a new pair of pants wearing them proudly, not because you have to wear them just because they're new. That's also a great point to mention items which you connect with something or have a powerful energy inside(remember my travel ring for example which I'm actually wearing in this look here too). People can sense it. So wear what you want and feel. And if you have a bad day not knowing what to wear at all as your feelings are messed up completely, well then let it happen. 
Fashion is communication
And most people are too scared to exhibit themselves. They don't want to speak or can't find the right words, allover simply don't know how. Or they are simply not interested into fashion but have other ways such as drawing, singing, writing, digital art, cooking, playing piano or doing makeup. It can be anything. Anything if you find it hard to speak in words through your mouth.
But we can learn to communicate. And even I have days where I feel silent and just want to hide. Your voice sometimes isn't in the mood to speak and that is fully okay. Our quest in life is to find a way how we want to use communication. I personally chose fashion(including creating characters), writing and photography. And all this leads to vibes so I actually feel it instead of hearing it. 
If you don't know it yet go deep inside and explore it. It's a really reflecting feature and opens many insights about yourself. It also helps if you don't know what kind of job to do in life for example.
Now I wonder, how do you communicate? Think deeply and make it to your special trait!


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