My Trip to Helsinki with Hotel Helka

Last week on Friday I started my journey to Helsinki. My first one, even though I was in Finland in Tampere a few years ago already. I have beautiful memories from there so I really wanted to refresh them but now in another city. Strangely my Agoraphobia was really quiet this time. Maybe because I finally care less about 'unplanned happenings' and 'getting lost' or because I knew I will be with my sister. It was her birthday also so I wanted to surprise and have a great time with her as we only see each other once or twice a year. 

I really love to stay at Airbnb's or go for Couchsurfing. It's a really interesting experience and prefer the feeling over staying at fancy hotels. But this time I wanted to try something new and stumbled across a hotel which is completely different to me. And like a match made in heaven! I'm talking about Hotel Helka which is a modern Finnish hotel who's LGBTQ-friendly focusing on equality, sustainability and responsibility. It was founded in 1969 by one of the oldest women's organizations in Finland (YWCA of Finland) and it is still owned by them. That means Helka is involved in enabling YWCA's important work with girls, women and their families. The hotel is decorated with long-lasting Finnish design pieces from brands like Alvar Aalto, Marimekko and Iittala. The moment when we entered the lobby already I had this warm feeling in my heart and was utterly fascinated by the art enlightening everything from entry to the hotel rooms itself. There are lots of rooms and places to work and to meet with people. Like it's perfectly for business trips or meetings. The free WiFi there was the BEST I've ever experienced. Better than at home!! 

Our room itself was simple but with personalized and famous details such as the old phone, the pink pillows and the wood picture over the bed. Everything so cozy!

Below the bathroom which was all clean with an amazing shower inside!

Another plus point was the breakfast which is both vegan-friendly and also has gluten-free options with a wide variety of organic and local products. My sister who's omnivore loved it too! For vegans you have oat milk, different kinds of bread, jam, Valsoia which is a super tasty chocolate spread, fruit and veggies, muesli and fresh warm porridge but also(best for last) their famous cranberry-coconut overnight oats! The overnight oats were an absolutely stunner I even had two bowls of it on the last morning haha. You can top it with so many things such as nuts and seeds, berries, fruit, rice crisps, maple sirup, the chocolate spread etc. I will absolutely miss it D: 

Here a small list of plus points at Helka:

- Comfiest bed ever I slept like a stone but was still able to wake up every morning
- Vegan and gluten-free options
- Best WiFi in town!
- Warm and cozy
- Beautiful art everywhere
- LGBTQ friendly, you feel accepted and it's perfect to connect with other people if you want to
- Helpful and friendly staff
- Cute and cheering notes everywhere
- Great atmosphere
- not too many people around but you also don't feel alone

At this point I would like to mention the 10% off discount code for their website which is "pinkhelsinki"! Simply use it at your booking at

You can also visit them on Facebook and Instagram for more information and impressions.


Stay tuned for my second post about the trip overall as well a "What I eat in a day while traveling & vegan finds in Helsinki" review!



  1. Loved the post! I'm so jealous that you got to go to Helsinki, but I'm glad you had fun!

    1. Thank you so much Makayla! <3 I'm sure you can make it up to Helsinki one day too it's definitely worth a visit :) Have a lovely Monday dear <3

    You travelling so much, doing what you love and are passionate about regardless of your fears is something the personally I find sooooo bloody inspiring and it's what also helps me keep on going! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS BABE! Also as always omg the photos, fucking amazing! I can't wait to see more of your trip, all looked all so magical on your Instagram stories and I hope you had the best time, Hotel Helka looks so cozy! And the fact that it had vegan, and gluten free options as well as LGBTQ+ friendly is soooo nice to see and it's so important. I feel such a home vibe from it, maybe we need to come back there together at some point? ;) <3 Can't wait to read more about Helsinki!
    Miss you so much!

    Kinga xxx

    1. Baabyyy you're here again! <33 It means so much knowing you're reading about my adventures πŸ’œ I really have to agree that I feel better traveling, a lot saver. Even tho overall don't travel enough in my opinion(I know it's silly if I look back where I have been to this year). We are always welcomed at Helka and would love to take you there! We need to travel together anyway I muss you so much :( I have so many ideas and plans for us. I love you so much!! Biggest hug to you πŸ’œπŸ’œ