You can't tell everything from pictures - One thing you probably didn't know about me yet

I think I never spoke about this topic before but... can you tell that I am short-sighted? 
Of course not as you can’t tell from pictures! But I had major insecurities about that in my school years and with this post I want to give you a bit confidence in case you struggle with something similar. 

Back then in school I used to sit in the rearmost row. In my last year or two I noticed it becomes harder and harder to read the backboard so I changed the place to the front. When I had to sit somewhere else in different classes I literally always found a way to get around to read out loud what’s written on the board(went to the toilet for example). It was a hard time for me yet managed it in the end. But why did I act this way? Because my classmates would have bullied me to hell besides calling me Brillenschlange(I think in English it’s four-eyes but the German translated word means something like snake with glasses) which is funny as I discovered that the snake is my spirit animal :D Anyway I was scared so there was no way for me to wear glasses. I always told myself I will get through this sneaky and just start wearing one after my school time. This all probably caused worse degrees in lack of ability to write down knowledge as well dealing with other awkward situations.

After school I started wearing prescription glasses here and there but these weren’t fashionable at all so it wasn’t because I felt ashamed but I just didn’t find them pretty and went for big, eye-catching sunglasses instead. 
Then I got my first stylish pair a few years ago. 
Glasses are a fashion statement for me which I can’t live without
So glasses who just look like glasses you need when you can’t see properly weren’t enough for me. I love colorful lenses or interesting shapes which just normally don’t come without prescription. 
Now after all these years I got myself three new different pair of gifted glasses from Brille24 which are super cool but with prescriptions and you can’t even tell! I'm wearing one pair called "Brisbane" on the pictures below and will show you the others in future posts.
Let me add that it wasn't only that I felt insecure but I got really bad problems with my orientation and feeling overall. I didn't look much at other people anymore as I couldn't see where they look at. Your world starts to get smaller around you and it becomes hard to enjoy living. 
So what am I trying to tell you now?

Leopard Beret - VII & Co.
Round "Brisbane" Glasses - Brille24
Coat - Vintage(thrifted in Rome)
Sucker Ringer Tee - The Ragged Priest
Shorts - Secondhand from my friend similar here and here
Floral Tights - Primark similar here and here

Fashion is a playground open to everyone and you decide if you want to enter and explore or if you go another path to join another world. 
First of all. Don’t feel ashamed to wear glasses. Just don’t. And even if people call you names I promise they’ll regret it years later as they’ll get troubles themselves so just let them talk. I don’t know if it’s still a thing today I’m not in school anymore. But just in case I hope my words will help. We also have so many wonderful opportunities. I’ve never been a fan of contact lenses as it’s annoying to put them in every morning. They do can be helpful at specific events. But nothing makes me happier being able to wear stylish glasses while having a perfect sight within a second. And I want to share my deep happiness with you!! Do you have a similar story to share with me? 
Let me know in the comments 🖤


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  1. I am short sighted aswell and I used to get a whole bunch of shit for it at school, although thinking back I think they just didn't like my weirdness in general. I used to really want glasses but now I only wear contacts! The people that don't know me never know and always think I'm wearing coloured lenses when they see the lens edge, lol! There's so many people that wear glasses nowadays just as a fashion thing, the world has definitely changed and we're now free to roam around in the crowd unnoticed!😜🌿