Striped Vintage Gem

Vintage Mustang Jeans - Vintage
Ring Belt - Punk Design Shop

This pair of striped skinny vintage jeans was lurking out of my broken cupboard for so long then the other day I finally decided to jump into it again. I found this Mustang gem a few years ago on a flea market. You can really feel the quality in every inch. I'm still so surprised about how well it fits since I literally never find fitting jeans small enough for my body shape. Especially with vintage jeans it's hard to find small sizes which is a disappointment as all pieces are unique and you are not able to ask if "there's a smaller size available". I definitely need to wear these more often again. Pairing them with chunky boots or a pair of Dr. Martens. I've seen striped jeans a couple times now already in regular stores but none of them could beat this vintage beauty.
I've added a few similar pairs for you to shop. I hope you like it! 



  1. This happened to me all the time with American jeans, when I used to buy in Forever 21, since the sizes were always too big... Your vintage pair sure fit you perfectly! Love the Beetlejuice look :D

    1. I know the American sizes are bigger that's why I often buy Asian sizes. It completely depends from brand to brand tho like I could never wear H&M pants. Can't tell anything about Forever 21 I think I never tried theirs. Monki has some good ones even if it feels like they went up with their sizes. Otherwise Tally Weijl in case it's available in your country :) And thank you Myriam I really appreciate that you share your thoughts with me!! <3

    2. Thanks for the recommendations *.* I've seen Tally Weijil is apparently available "everywhere" except from Spain, where I'm from lol xD But I've always wanted to buy in Monki and never have so far, so I'll probably give it a try ^^

      Have a lovely day!

      P.S.: I know you live in Leipzig, but in less than 1 week I'm going to Berlin and I'm so excited :)

    3. Hey baby I guess you are in Berlin now already? Let me know if you need or want any recommendations!! <3 Enjoy your time there it's an exciting city :)
      And I haven't been to Spain yet I don't know which shops are available there. But definitely try Monki. I think they changed their sizing a bit it seems they now fit larger but maybe it was the cut I tried. The skinny jeans should fit pretty well and the material is also nice so they don't go baggy after wearing them for longer :)

      Have a nice Sunday darling <3

  2. Can you please make a video or an instagram story thread about what matches a person can do with those kind of pants? Like shirts and shoes kind of thing. I just got a pair of these skinnies with your amazing inspiration (only that I found them with light blue stripes instead of grey) and I'm clueless about what sort of shoes and color will go best with them.

    BTW, your content is super aesthetic and awesome. Keep it up <3 <3

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