Follow The Lights - Berlin Days

The other week after I was in London I met my boyfriend in Berlin when he came from the Netherlands to pick him up from the coach station. His bus was super late due the traffic. Nearly half past eleven instead of seven, but I didn't mind as I had my Bukowski book with me and baby carrots with hummus to snack on. This was on Wednesday evening then on Thursday and Friday we had time to explore Berlin. We stayed with my friend Mareike who was also a bit with us. It was funny as we just met in London before then seeing each other in Berlin again. We helped her with moving places where we had coffee on her cute balcony, checked out a few vegan places(I can highly recommend you to go to Thai Vegan in Friedrichshain that place is heavenly!), went into a thrift shop where I bought a shirt as well took pictures here and there.

This series here below was taken at Warschauer Straße on the bridge as well on the RAW Gelände. It's pretty cool there and we were lucky to spot these cool fairy lights where we just had to shoot to capture the magic. Their color changed every couple seconds as you can tell from the pictures. It was definitely super warm around that time but I get cold very easily so went for this cute little pink ribbed top which I bought at Urban Outfitters in London. Over it a long, light coat to keep me warm in the shadows. I have my waist bag with me literally everywhere lately as it is so handy to keep my necessary things like power bank or money and snacks close. Especially when traveling around it's the best thing on earth. Additionally you can attach your glasses to the chain to this one which is my miracle as I always have at least three different pair of glasses with me! 
On Friday we took more pictures but I'll keep these for later. We went to Attila Hildmann for fries and burger then on a concert in the evening there to drive back home to Leipzig with friends. Allover we had a really lovely time and I always enjoy hanging out in that artsy city.

Can you spot that creepy face in the picture above? Like really. Pirates of the Caribbean vibes! 

Tartan Coat - VII & Co.
Blue Glasses - You Are My Poison
Checkerboard Glasses - Goodbyebread
Necklaces - Solrayz
Shoulder Bag - Vintage
Holographic Bag - YesStyle
Ribbed Top - Urban Outfitters
Checkerboard Skirt - Hamburger Co.
Triple Sole Platform Creepers - Underground England

I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I do! Let me know if you have any questions about my time or Berlin allover. Right now I'm trying to get over being sick I stayed in bed for days with migraine and in pain. I'm feeling better already tho and keep myself busy playing Zelda Breath of the Wild nonstop 🙊



  1. Hey my lovely, I hadn't seen yo had answered to me again in your previous post, when you were talking about the sizes of trousers and I told you I was going to Berlin. Yes, I was there from the 13th to the 17th! But I didn't like it much, unlickily :( I think the weather had much to do... The temperature was around 7 degrees in some moments and I was feeling almost sick, I'm the typical girl who's always cold everywhere, even when everyone around me wears a T-Shirt, I'd be the one with the coat on xD And in general the city disappointed me... but I don't wanna to bore you with all the explanations :P Have a fantastic day my lovely! (and great pics btw ^^)

    1. Hey baby 💜 So happy to hear from you again! I'm sorry that it wasn't that good in Berlin tho :( But yes weather can influence a lot that's true. I'm the same I am always cold and just want to stay inside when it's gloomy. Now it is pretty warm over here I wish you would be here now instead. What disappointed you exactly? Honestly if I compare Berlin/Germany with other cities and countries I hate it here. I just know that everyone falls in love with Berlin that's why I thought you'd like it too ^^ and you don't bore me at all really! I'd love to hear your opinion 💜 and have a great too dear thank you for coming back to comment :*

  2. Hi again darling :)

    I think it was a mix of things: the gloomy weather as I told you, that there were construction works everywhere, that our hotel was full of noisy teenagers... I also felt the city didn't have that much of a spirit/essence in itself, it had so many different aspects due to the fact that it was divided in the past... I don't know, maybe if I went back in summer my opinion would be different :) I also wasn't feeling so good during my days there, so that must have influenced my experience too. How about Leipzig? Are you actually from there?

    I love pasing by and seeing your posts, so you will definitely be reading "my little Bible-comments" again hehe.

    Take care, lil' white witch <3

    1. Hey baby 💜
      Oh well construction works, Leipzig is basically a whole construction site itself D: I think Berlin has its own spirit and vibe, can't feel much about the past anymore. But the vibe is actually like party and noise, quite hectic overall. From what I read I'd say you are really more of a calm and spiritual person so you've probably missed nature and historic old buildings am I right? But I can be wrong. I think you'd like Leipzig a lot better or other smaller cities. Maybe Heidelberg too. I hope you feel better now both physically and mentally <3 And yes I'm living in Leipzig but only moved there a few years ago on my own. I like it here it's okay but it's not my dream city and want to move away in a few years. Just don't know where yet. Maybe somewhere in England because I decided London will be too busy and expensive for me on long term.
      I really try to post more frequently on here. There's so much content to share. Once I upgraded my storage I can definitely do that :3

      Have a wonderful day Myriam and thanks for being here! <333