My Makeup Products

I just realized that I never really made a post about my makeup products before so I thought it's time to give you a sneak into my magical tools! I think the reason why this comes so late is that I'm quite behind with my skills in compare to other bloggers and people. I don't feel bad about it thought since you can't be a master in everything. I'm careful when it comes to using the skin as an experimental ground. It can be both, super helpful but also stressing when something doesn't goes well. But to know which skin type you have or what kind of products work the best for you personally you have to be brave and go for new things instead of sticking to the same ones. 
After all I have found products which work good for myself. I'm not sure if it works wonders or if it's really that good but I'm ok with it as long as it doesn't makes anything worse. I know which ingredients don't work well at all, I know some which make me feeling great. I will list down a couple of my makeup products which I'm currently using, not all of them cruelty-free but I replace more and more of them over the time with alternatives:

Alterra Organic Aloe Vera Night Cream(Rossmann): I'm using this cream daily before I put on my makeup. It's actually night cream but I'm using it in the morning. It's available as day cream as well. Made with aloe vera which works great for my dry skin. I put it on specific parts only like on my cheeks or around my dry nose as I think it doesn't works good on oily areas.

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation & Revlon Colorstay Foundation: These both here are my current foundations. The Nars Sheer Glow Foundation is actually vegan and cruelty-free but quite expensive on compare to other ones. I made lots of researches as I was afraid to order something which I can't try out before but I made the right choice! The color Mont Blanc which I chose is light, not as light as my other one but still fitting(I went for Mont Blanc instead of the lightest shade Siberia because it has a rosé undertone instead or pink and yellow. Nothing makes me more desperate than yellow foundation) It's not heavy on the skin at all and it works great for my skin type. I'm using this for special events only as it's quite pricy.
I'm using the Revlon Colorstay Foundation in shade 110 Ivory daily since over a year already. This is also my second bottle which I have ordered via Amazon. The color is perfect for me and it is also super easy to wear. At first I ordered the foundation for combination/oily skin which turned out bad after wearing it for the first time. Super drying so I had to switch to the one for normal/dry skin which is perfect! It's strange how such little changes can make such a big difference.

Manhattan 3 in 1 Easy Match Concealer: I have added this concealer to my collection just in the end of last week as I was looking for something new. I had to decide between one that I'm using already(see next section) or this one. I went for this as the coverage is amazing and the color 10 Porcelain is perfect for my skin tone. I feel so refreshed wearing this. The brand isn't cruelty-free unfortunately but feel free to leave me a suggestion of similar cruelty-free products.

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer and Misslyn Concealer: I'm using the NARS Concealer in shade vanilla. I got it together with the foundation and it's the great addition for a full makeup look. As with the foundation again I'm using a cheaper one for my daily makeup. The Misslyn Concealer in 03 Porcelain is one of the products I had discovered on my adventures looking out for my makeup products. This one is super light and the coverage great. Mine is nearly empty already but I would totally purchase it again.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade in Medium Brown: I bet you have read this from every single beauty blogger already. This is probably a must have if you take care of your brows. With around 20$ it might sounds pricy in compare to other stuff but it's totally worth it! Honestly, I have this for nearly a year now and literally use it daily but I think this will last throughout my whole life. If you don't smother your brows it definitely will last years.

Maybelline Brow Refine Expression Eyebrow Liner: I got this for quite cheap in a drugstore. I use it to fill my eyebrows, whereto the brow pomade is more to shape my brows.

NYX Micro Brow Pencil in Ash Brown: This Brow Pencil is also one of the things I came across through searching for good eyebrow products. I have used it up already and just shape my brows with the additional brush every morning. I think I'm going to buy another one of these soon as they are totally worth it! 

Maybelline Colossal Volum Express Mascara or Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara: I got a small version of the Too Faced Mascara via eBay as I wanted to try it out first since I heard lots of good things of it. It is definitely amazing and makes your lashes thick! It is also cruelty-free so another big point, not to mention the cool name :D But I feel a bit better about the Maybelline Mascara as my mother and my sister have used this back in time already. Unfortunately the brand is not cruelty-free so if you know any good alternative let me know! I'm also using an eyelash curler before I put on mascara.

Brushes: I'm using different kind of brushes at the moment. I put my foundation on with an oval brush. For eyeshadow I'm using my beautiful dragon brushes from Rouge & Rogue or also the Mermaid Brushes from Beauty Your Duty which are more favorable and also vegan and cruelty-free(You can use my code KIM25 to get 25% off your order. They also run a additional lucky draw right now so if you order something for at least 25€ you can win a gift card worth 100€!)

Lime Crime 
My all time favorite brand. I think I own over 20+ different shades of liquid lipsticks already besides the eyeshadow Venus palette. Nothing lasts better and longer than these products! Cruelty-free and vegan as well. From the palette I'm using "Muse" very often to deep out the colors when I wear a red eyeshadow look. From the lipsticks my favorites are "Red Velvet", "Wicked", and "Teddy Bear", but honestly it's so hard to tell as all shades are amazing! "Pumpkin" and "Saddle" are great for autumn.

I have this one red eyeshadow which I probably got from my mother or sister when I was younger and kept it by today. A while ago I tried it out and realized how pigmented and strong the color is. This is the base for my red eyeshadow looks at the moment. I will probably get myself more colors of it since the brand is firstly vegan and secondly they are only around 3-4€ each!! 

Makeup Revolution
I own one palette from this brand called "Love the Revolution" which my blogger friend Kinga gifted me when she came to my place. I'm using the heart in the middle often as highlighter. Overall the shades are super pretty and it's a quite affordable brand with a good quality.

Feral Cosmetics
 Feral has a good range of pretty colors, both in liquid matte and ultra satin lipsticks. They will release new stuff soon which I'm super excited about! My favorites liquids at the moment are "Butt Naked" and "Beach Bum". 
I wrote reviews before here and here already.

Lethal Cosmetics
This brand is quite small and unknown but highly recommendable. From liquid lipsticks to eyeshadow. Especially the eyeshadow range is amazing. The shade "Relapse" is my favorite!

I hope this will help you a bit in case you're searching for something. Remember that you need to try out different products. You won't know what works if you just stick to one product forever as you can't see the difference between good or bad.


  1. This is such an amazing post, I loved reading about the beauty products you use. The make up brushes are so stunning, I would be scared to use them! Ohh I know tone of amazing CF mascaras and concealers, I'm not sure if all of them are available to buy in Germany but I'll DM you later with the links to them! Ahh I'm so happy that you're enjoying the Make up Revolution palette babe! *_*
    I'm excited to read more of your posts on beauty, they are becoming my favourites <3
    Kinga xx

    1. Thank you my love!! <3 Well I'm generally also scared to use pretty things but I actually use these :) Would love to hear some suggestions from you! and if it is not available here then I'm going to buy them when I'm in London next time <3 Thank you for the palette once again my dear. It's like you are with me every morning <3

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  3. I LOVE lime crime too! Currently using pumpkin, saddle and riot liquid velvetine shades and they're perfect. Holly

  4. Ohhh Riot is new to me!! Now I know what is missing in my collection D: :'D

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  6. Totally loving you makeup collection!

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  8. Those are the sexiest brushes that I've ever seen! Just like you!

  9. Thanks for sharing these awesome products with us!

  10. I am saying yes to that Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pomade! I love it.

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