The Shop Dixi VIP Early Black Friday Sale

 Hey my Babes! 

Black Friday is right in front of the door and I would like to give you as faithful follower and part of my coven something really special. You know how much I love jewelry and that I put lots of importance into it. None of my outfit goes without layers of necklaces and my fingers covered in gems, not to mention a choker which has to be around my neck without even asking. I came across lots of wonderful jewelry designers and brands over the years but one of them is with me daily as I can't get enough of their pieces. Shop Dixi enchanted me with their pretty jewels, ranging from wild bohemian to mysterious witchy stuff. The most important reason why I love them is because they offer small ring sizes for people with tiny fingers, including myself. Basically seventy percent of my jewelry collection is from them. We both decided to give you early access to the #dixiblackout sale and I'll share my favorite jewel selection with you. 

Simply use "KIMIXDIXIat the checkout of your order to receive 50% off side wide!

 Below you can see all of my newest pieces and also a couple from my previous orders.

Below are the Bolo Chokers which are so cool to wear since you have lots of different opportunities. The cord which is made from faux suede is adjustable and you have the possibility to wrap the cord around your neck a couple of times, tied up with a bow or you simple leave it long in your desired length in combination with other necklaces.

You have a selection between lots of different and important stones ranging from moonstone, labradorite, onyx, quartz, amethyst, amber or pearl.

You can now also shop ear weights! These here are great to wear as they are not too heavy but still great in quality. I also have my silver ball earrings from them as I like to keep it simple.

The Black Pearl of this Vena Amoris Ring is the picture above is just breathtaking isn't it?
This ring below is like the small version of the Our Time Will Come Crystal Ball Ring, which is the perfect ring for every witch. Imagine this in a snowy scenery wearing all black, a witchy hat and that powerful gem on your forefinger 

Worth a mention are the Skadi chokers which come in lots of different designs. They are perfect in combination with other necklaces or as single eye-catcher to pretty dresses for special events. You'll be the choker queen with these babies!

Just to remind you again:

Use my code "KIMIXDIXI" at the checkout of your order to receive 50% off side wide! 
That's such a stunner isn't it? 
The code is valid from today the 22nd of November and will expire on the 23rd November at 11.59pm GMT. You have an overview on my personal selection of jewels here.

Do you have a personal favorite from their collections? Let me know your thoughts