Oil Slick in The Rain

Dogstar Jungle Boot in Petrol Patent - Underground England

Over all these years I have met lots of wonderful brands, some of them only online, some of them even in person. One of them left deep memories in me after my last visit in London. I came to their showroom in Soho this year in February and we had so much fun together. I was talking about my day in this post already. I'm getting goosebumps just by looking back to these pictures. Also seeing my online friends like Kinga and Viola, it feels like yesterday and I miss them so much. Right now I feel so stuck in my situation and it feels impossible seeing myself at a place far away from my current position. I just started to look out and apply for jobs in London again. It makes me feeling anxious, yet drives me crazy from utterly happiness but getting a job in another country feels like the hardest thing ever. I don't know what is thrilling me but I know this is the place where I want to be. And I'm not thinking like that since yesterday. I have this in mind since years already and who knows, probably since my late childhood. It is simply in my heart and my heart is craving for it.

 Last week I have received a surprise package from my beloved ones from Underground including these super rad boots. I was dreaming of them in the store already and immediately knew I need a pair in this design! Now in combination with this petrol look( which I personally call oil slick) it makes them to the perfect pair of shoes. Before you ask, I know these aren't made from vegan leather and I personally avoid wearing real leather wherever I can. Whenever I buy new clothes I always go for the vegan option. These were sent to me as a surprise so I'm not going to complain as I know the brand for longer already and I'm really happy that they offer vegan options too except for the Jungle Boot Line. I hope they can make a vegan version of these possible too one day, that'd be so amazing! My shoe collection is growing bigger and bigger and what I can say for sure is that both, these here and also my vegan triple creepers are the shoes with the best quality. My creeper babies still look like from the first day when I was holding them proudly in my hands. And I tell you, I'm wearing them all the time in every weather situation and even travelled from country to country in them. These here are perfect for rainy weather, especially with the colorful shimmer on the surface, harmonizing with the rain drops and the mirroring ground 

I just wanted to give this brand another huge and specials thanks, not only for surprising me with their wonderful clothes and footwear but for leaving a wonderful memory in my heart which lasts till today and won't leave me anymore. Hopefully coming back to Soho again in near future and who knows, maybe the way won't be that long anymore soon 


  1. Ahh this is such an amazing and insightful review hun! I love how you've called these shoes "oil slick" such a perfect description and they look amazing! Like I said on Instagram I'm so excited to see how you'll style these in your future posts, you know you'll do an amazing job! I know how you feel about wanting to be in London, I'm in the same situation but I strongly believe that it will happen for you, sooner or later but it will happen, I know it! Thank you so much for mentioning me, it means the world. I miss you so much babe! I hope I'll see you again soon! <3

    1. Honestly oil slick was the only name I knew of :D You also have loads of great opportunities to go to London. It's not as far away and you have friends over there. But if you really want something everything can actually happen and comes true! I was scrolling trough the London Edge post and had all these memories back in my head, I just had to think of you. I hope to see you soon again my dear. Let me come to Manchester next time! ♥