Ombré and Plaid

Shots by Layke Vermonde

Left Hand Path Shirt - Disturbia
Moon Ritual Cardigan - The Rogue + The Wolf
Kitty Sword Necklace - Yuva Kala
Glasses - VIU Eyewear
Plaid Vintage Skirt - Second Hand from Camden Market
Belt - H&M
All-Seeing Backpack - Disturbia

On this day, whereto I have publishes this post already I was wearing my left hand path tee with one of my vintage skirts I got from Camden Market when I was in London for the first time. I have pinned it up with safety pins as the skirt is quite long and I prefer wearing shorter skirts. I think I'm going to alter it completely later. It was just a spontaneous idea. But I just love how everything match together again. Everywhere a touch of red, yet it is a very casual, dark outfit. Remember how layers can change a look so much. Also this red and grey cardigan from The Rogue + The Wolf will keep you warm, provides you with a huge hood to stay safe from rain and the gradient ombré on it is so unique and beautiful!


  1. This outfit is so perfect with the location babe! Tartan is just the best, and I love how you've styled it especially with the R+W cardigan, I'm obsessed! You look amazing darling! <3

  2. Thank you so much Kinga my darling!! Tartan truly rocks everything x)
    Much love to you babe <3

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    1. Yeah I sent this message. I already know that if I delete it wont go. The only two leftie emojis are ����.

  4. You’re so beautiful and perfect! I love how you combine your clothes and yes I have these very strong feelings for London too lately! I went there for 3 days...and it was so damn short. I can’t- I want to go (and stay...uhm) there so bad! I am in love! Thanks for your inspiring posts on your blog and Instagram profile �� (I am so happy about the fact that somebody shares these “London-feelings” with me �� again thanks you have a nice evening! ��

    1. Wow I'm so happy to read that you can relate. If you really want to be there you will one day believe me! I hope you can travel to London soon again to have this feeling in you for another time! <3