Fear and Loathing

Shots by Layke Vermonde 

Beret - Vii & Co.
Lipstick - Lime Crime Matte Velvetines in Saddle
Yellow Glasses - Vii & Co.
Crop Top - Asos
Crescent Moon Necklace - Witch Worldwide
Skirt and Waist Bag - Vii & Co.
Bucket Bag - NA-KD
Platform Buckle Boots - Vii & Co.

Autumn is nearly over already and the colorful trees are leaving us. Sometimes things turn grey. They fade away from day to day. The world will turn into a dark place but soon spring will come and everything is blooming again. And even in winter a white blanket of snow will encase the frozen streets, people light up candles and hand up fairy lights to guide the way like stars do it in the sky. 

This look here is created with help of some new goodies from the autumn collection I got from my favorite brand Vii & Co. You can easily tell that I'm a total hat and glasses person. I didn't had a beret and yellow glasses before so I went for these as I like to play around with new goodies. Also the yellow glasses remind me so much of Raoul Duke in Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas. And yes, they'll actually turn the world yellow! Now his acting makes sense ;)
The belt with the bag is actually part of the skirt which I find really cool. You can also attach it to other clothes so it's another additional gadget! I also like to mention the boots as these are my third pair of the brand already. I just love their shoes so much since they are made from vegan leather and platforms are my true love!


  1. I love this look babe!! I love the first paragraph for this post, you've written it so beautifully and poetically!
    The beret and the yellow sunglasses really suit you dear, the breaks down the all black outfit so well! <3
    Kinga xx

    1. Thank you so much Kinga <3 I'm happy someone is still reading my writing 😌

  2. Deine Looks sind einfach immer soo schön! :)

  3. Hi!
    Im dying to ask, where did You get These yellow and black checked pants?
    They are gorgeous.

    1. Hey :) They're by the brand Love Too True but got them via Goodbye Bread! xx

  4. Wow, great post dear! I like your outfit, you rock!

    I'm your new follower, and would be very thankful if you could be my follower, too, I'm a newbie style blogger :)

    BLOG | IG | FB | BLOVIN'


    1. Thank you Aleksandra! You're not what I'm actually into fashion-wise but I hope some people will see this and check out your blog :) Good luck with everything! xx

  5. Just wanted to say, you're an inspiration for me in countless ways xx I find it interesting, because my fashion is decidedly different from yours; I'm talking pale neutrals only, mildly-old-lady-ish, etc. Yet it's still enjoyable to see posts from you. I think people can find common ground no matter how different we may seem on the surface. sorry for rambling

    1. Hey Emma <3 You don't know how much your words mean to me! I find it super interesting to hear from your own style as well. I think fashion has no limits and the fact that you are completely different shows your open-mindedness about this which is so important. There are always similarities somewhere, even between us. It's a playground where everyone can meet and find inspiration <3 Thank you for 'rambling' :') <3