Urban Witch in Hamburg

Photos taken by Layke Vermonde

Glasses - Urban Outfitters
Long Bomber Jacket - Asos similar here and here
Grey Top - H&M
Sinner Skirt - Current Mood Clothing via Dollskill similar here and here
Studded Backpack - KRY Clothing
Harajuku College Socks - Moooh!! Lifestyle
Platform Boots - VII & Co.

Hey my babes! 

It's been a while since I have posted something on here. Well, I actually don't even know if you still check out and read my blog. I think most people today rather watch a YouTube video instead of reading texts or looking at pictures. I try to get myself onto this platforms since two years already but I just couldn't jump on the train yet. It has a couple of good reasons but what I can say is that my goal for 2018 is to set up and start my YouTube channel finally! I also might go to the New York fashion week in February. Let's see if it works out :)

These pictures here are from my birthday trip to Hamburg. I just didn't came to post them yet. They were taken quite spontaneous and it was a rainy day as you can see due my messy hair. I'm wearing a long bomber jacket which I bought last year on Asos in the sale section. I don't wear it often as it covers a lot of your outfit but in here it harmonizes perfectly to the knee-high college socks. By the way: do you know what is written on the back? I hope to be back in Hamburg soon again. Not only because I left lots of wonderful memories there already and something is always leading me back into this town but to visit one of my really good friends.

Anyway, this will be my last post for 2017 so I wish you a wonderful start into 2018 with lots of sparkle and magic! I mentioned my main goal for next year already but tell me, what are you plans, wishes and aims for next year? I'm curious!



  1. I'm glad you took these spontaneous photos. You look really pretty and very much yourself. Have a great New Year. I'm hoping to build up my credit lol.

    1. Thank you Diana <3 I hope you had a great start into the new year as well! :* Credit in which way? If you follow your goals with passion and without pressure you'll surely fulfill them! <3

  2. Stunning look ! I love reading blogpost and see photos but you are write a lot of people prefer youtube, so I start a channel few weeks ago but I don't like speaking on camera haha filming and editing videos is very cool ^^
    Happy New year !

    La Robe Noire
    IG : @Saskiabzn
    Saskia! xo

    1. Thank you for your feedback love! Well I didn't wrote that it's actually a fact that people these days rather watch YouTube videos but I think it is the truth. I just noticed it. In the end there will always be people who still prefer reading blogs instead of watching. It's like with books and movies. Right now I'm teaching myself on editing videos which will take a while but I really want it. I probably won't speak but add that later as I want to learn the theory first, then getting comfortable with more :) You would definitely get used to it too. It's weird at first but you'll become confident!

      Happy new year Saskia!! <3

  3. Beautiful pictures, love it a lot! I'm still interested in reading your posts, so go girl!:)
    I don't have special goals, I just want to do my best at uni and get a new job after my period of exams. And I also want to develope further in self-confidence, be happy with myself and do more training than I did last year.
    Hope you're having a good beginning of 2018, wish you the best!<3

    1. Thank your for your super sweet comment my love. It makes my day!! :3 <3
      Your goals sound great to me. You also gain self-confidence on a constant base. Maybe it doesn't feels like it right in the moment but when you look back you'll notice how far you came already. I wish you all the best for 2018 sweetheart!! Have a wonderful evening <3

    2. First of all, I'm happy for that :)
      Secondly, thank you a lot!^^ <3 and yeah, I already feel that I'm in a process, not at the beginning of something, so honestly I'm proud of myself. And your writings have helped me, your such a thoughtful and kind soul!
      And well, you also made my day, so you gave me a reason for having one!! c:
      Lots of love xx <3

  4. I'm so happy to see you post babe! I love your posts, the images, the writing. I do agree with you, I also feel like more people go to YouTube and not that many people keep up with blogs. But I'm glad there are still bloggers like yourself, that still blog regularly and keeping our community alive. I am excited to see your videos and what your creative spirit would make! <3 And I love this spontaneous shoot and casual outfit! These are the best tbh! You look amazing in glasses babe as well! I hope you had fab New Years Eve and will have even better 2018! <3 Miss you and love you!
    Kinga xxx

  5. Well I think you are the prettiest witch of them all!