Blind For Love

Shots by Luce
Edit by myself
Blind For Love Beret - VII & Co.
Retro Glasses - VII & Co.
Chunky Mustard Yellow Scarf - Monki similar here and here 
Vegan Leather Jacket and Bomber Jacket - VII & Co.
Navajo Bomber Jacket - Arizona Vintage
This Could Be Us Shirt - Mercredi Clothing
Shadow Shorts - Disturbia
Boyfriend Acid Wash Jeans - VII & Co.
Harajuku College Socks - Moooh!! Lifestyle
Holographic Backpack - In Control Clothing
Vegan Triple Platform Creepers - Underground England

You know these winter days when the sun is shining through the naked trees and enhances the air with a warm touch. Perfectly to go out for a walk in a local park! However it was still super freezing on this Sunday. A cold nose, hands slowly turning red from the icy air. On these days it is very important to keep your head, feet and neck warm so I grabbed my favorite mustard yellow scarf that I got from Monki around two years ago as it's the thickest and coziest one I own. Honestly I was wearing it everyday last year so it's hard for me to look at it without getting bored :D Paired with a couple of new accessories and clothes I got from my favorite brand VII & Co! The beret is just perfection with its vegan leather and the words on it which  speak for itself. Paired with a shirt that actually makes the whole look to a very personal story. My original vintage glasses which you can see in this post broke unfortunately :( So sad about it! So I had to get myself a similar pair. These here come close to it so I'm happy to have them in my glasses family now.

I changed my outfit one time as you can see switching from cozy acid boyfriend jeans from VII & Co. to shorts, tights and knee-high socks. The first jacket is from Arizona Vintage which I posted on my Instagram before already. Keeps so damn warm! The second is my new bomber jacket, also from VII & Co. I love that it's not black as my usual clothes and then even has two different colors which exhibits my mood swings pretty good. Also this jacket keeps you surprisingly warm. I'm wearing it everyday these days! Lastly I like to mention my green socks haha. I don't know why but I love to add a bit of color and socks are the perfect option for it! These here match to the green in my shirt.
I love how these photos turned out. I'm very careful when it comes to photographers but Luce did such an amazing job. We went for a warming coffee afterwards which is pretty needed after shootings :)


  1. Both look are awesome ! I loooove your bomber jacket on the second look *-*

    La Robe Noire
    IG : @Saskiabzn
    Saskia! xo

  2. "On these days it is very important to keep your head, feet and neck warm ..." and then you wear tights where your legs are almost naked? xD seriously? Don't you think yourself that this is kinda stupid ?

    1. No sweetie it's not stupid because your head, feet and neck are the most sensible parts. Also tights keep a lot warmer than any jeans or pants :D You would understand it if you would have tried it! ^^

  3. You look charming,enchanting.,dazzling,breathtaking, usual.

  4. I love how lately, you're wearing two different outfits in one post, giving us more options and inspirations! I can't decide which outfit is my favourite! I love the acid jeans but shorts and tights are such a fab idea as well. And i love the layering of them with the socks! Did you end up finding out what's at the back of them?
    You're are my queen of layering! <3
    Kinga xx

    1. It wasn't a complete outfit change. I just put off my jeans and changed my jacket as I needed pictures for it :) So then two similar outfits happened :D But I'm glad you like it dear! I still have no idea what is written on the back of the socks haha but I'm so happy you remember the post I made where I asked if anyone can help me out! Thank you love that means so much to me. Layers are just life <3

  5. I cannot comprehend how you look so dashing!