It has been two years already that I was talking about to open my YouTube channel with videos but it never really happened. There are a couple of reasons to list. Mostly because I just didn't felt ready for it. It's weird for me talking when I'm already not a speaker but more an observer person in real life. Now Instagram has made all these changes about the algorithm which make it harder to get in touch with you. Additionally I want to challenge myself. I felt so bored of my stuff in the end of last year that I set my new year goal to start working on videos. I mentioned that in this post already and funnily turned both of my 2018 goals into practice! 

I got support from my friend who has the editing skills already and that was an unbelievable strong help. I don't have the patience to learn a whole new program on my own so he was so kind and taught me. The video tutorial is filled with hours and days of time and work, even if you probably can't see it. Now that I know the basics overall I feel much more comfortable in making videos. I think the voice over was the hardest part as I recorded it with my phone only on my own. It's quite, let's say, emotionless as I had no idea if it will even work out this way and don't wanted to record it for a second or third time over again. Only did that with a couple of parts which didn't match at all. After I thought I'm finished YouTube complained about the two songs I used when I uploaded it for the first time because of the rights so had to search for other songs which are allowed to use and also still fit into to my style and taste. I tell you that wasn't easy but then was even happier with these than before.

Tutorials like this might be one of the most difficult things to start with but I'm happy how it turned out overall. You just have to start somewhere no matter what you are going to do. You can't be at level 100 when you don't have the needed knowledge and skills yet. Nothing comes easy, no matter if we speak about technical skills, creativity, even wisdom which comes through experiences in your past. 

I really hope you enjoy my first video tutorial. It will take time for the next ones to come out as I have lots of stuff going on throughout the next weeks( like traveling) plus I run a second job what makes it hard to find enough time. What I can say it that I definitely plan on themed Lookbook videos! 

Please also subscribe to my channel here and leave me a like to support my work. I really need you to keep doing this and every single one of you is a sparkle of gold. In the end I'm doing this for myself of course as it is my passion but reading your feedback and sweet words is the magic and the vibes I need to keep doing my thing! Thank you for everything.

🔮 🖤


  1. I'll go check it out right now! I started making videos last year, but I really want to up my game this year. I'm still learning though :'D If you want to check my channel out and support one another: :)

    Good luck, and honestly, you got over the hardest part, which is starting so great job! <3

    Also, love your Insta, it's so inspirational :)

    x Lilly

    1. Ahh thank you so much Lilly! I wish you all the best with your channel as well :3 Will check out your videos now and leave some feedback and love to you :)

      Thank you once again🖤